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Allergies oh Allergies May 1, 2013

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Warning this post is very short. Since the downpour of rain Chicago received last week, things are starting to look a lot more green. I love that spring is here but what I don’t love is tree pollen. Unfortunately I am very allergic to trees. My sinuses fill up and everything just goes blah. “Blah” is a very technical term. By my definition it means that:

  • My eyes dry out so my contacts constantly feel like they’re going to pop out of my eyes
  • There is a ring of pressure around my head – the worst part is usually right around the eye brows, but if it expands to the back of the head I’m a gonner
  • Stuffy and/or running nose
  • If all of these items are present I’m lying down in a dark room trying to sleep

Real fun¬†definition, huh? Thankfully my allergies are only this bad around spring time. My fingers are crossed with the recent warm weather all the seeds will burst open with leaves and all the tree pollen out and over with. It’s probably to hopeful to think that all the trees will be out in the next week right? Well, I sure am going to cross my fingers and toes that they are!

In the meantime, do our readers have any suggestions for dealing with seasonal allergies? Any over-the-counter medicine work well? I’m up for suggestions, especially since my 24-hour medicine is only providing about 8-hour coverage. Help!



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