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Crafting with Burlap May 3, 2013

I’ve been working on some projects involving burlap for another wedding shower I’m helping to organize (keep an eye out for some cute ones in June, I’ll be sure to post about them!).  Last Sunday, when I finished my burlap crafting but still had scraps left over (and noticed that my floor was already ridden with those little stringy scraps burlap leaves behind), I decided to craft with it instead of storing the extras away.

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute burlap wreaths floating around on Pinterest lately and have really been wanting to try one.  I have crafted a few seasonal wreaths for our apartment door, but as of Sunday the door remained wreathless after a party I threw when a sign occupied that space on our door.  Our friends often comment that they like the wreaths since they can easily pick out which unit is ours (a compliment to me, since it means they must think I’m cute and crafty…haha), and even Jonathan mentioned that the door was looking sad without a wreath.  So I thought crafting a burlap wreath would be a perfect fit.

The burlap wreaths I’ve found online range from rustic and outdoorsy to prim-and-proper poufy.  I thought a good fit for our door would be somewhere in between, so here I am to share my process….

ImageThe supplies are really basic.  If you’ve got extra burlap lying around like I did but don’t feel like making an extra run to Hobby Lobby for additional supplies, then this is the wreath for you!  All you need is a coat hanger!  I went with one of those bronze-toned metal ones from the dry cleaners, since I deduced that it would make most sense with the color of my burlap and not show through too much.  Untwist the end of your hanger where it meets the curved part and form it into a circle (it doesn’t need to be perfect, because you can bend and manipulate it more once your burlap is on).  Cut your burlap into 3/4 inch thick strips.  It doesn’t really matter how long they are, which is the beauty of being able to make this project out of scraps.  You just need to have around 2-3 yards in total length.

ImageStart weaving your burlap strips on.  This part is so much easier than I thought it would be…seriously, you just poke the end of the hanger gently through each layer of your burlap ribbons.  Keep threading pieces on until you feel like your hanger looks pretty full.

When you’re done, use either tacky glue or hot glue to randomly (I did about every 4-5 folds) glue your folds together so all of your burlap pieces don’t weigh down your wire frame and make your wreath look lopsided.  I had some fun printed burlap ribbon that I made into a bow to add to our wreath, but I think color or some flowers would be really fun, too!



One Response to “Crafting with Burlap”

  1. Love that!! It looks great! I have a bunch of extra burlap from Emily’s shower that I need to use, so I might have to steal this idea 🙂

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