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Kel’s Favorite Apps May 7, 2013

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When I first got an iPhone I was all into researching applications to download for my phone.  After  awhile my excitement waned and I just stuck to my tried but true apps.  Instagram being the main one.  I check that one a lot {and get upset when people don’t post frequently enough}.   I believe all the apps I am listing here are free and available on other types of phones and some are also available on a regular computer and don’t have to be used on a mobile device.  Hope you find some of them interesting and useful!

Not too long ago I heard about an application called Appsfire from my aunt.  She said there was a free app of the day and ratings on other popular applications for your phone.  It was a free app itself so I downloaded it right away.  Every couple of days I’ll look at it to see what the featured app is, but honestly I never download the featured one for that day.  What I like to look through is the lists.  They have a list of the apps with the highest scores, the website’s favorite apps, productivity apps, photo apps, the list goes on.  Each app is rated between 1-100.  The higher the number the higher the rating is.  Out of the four apps I’m recommending below, three of them I got from Appsfire.  Okay I’m getting sick of the word ‘app’ so I’m going to move on to the descriptions of my four current favorites:


airendipity logoAirendipity
Here is what they have to say on their website: ‘Take a secret, confession, or thought and fold it into a paper airplane. Follow your airplane as it makes its way around the globe. See thoughts and secrets from around the world and safely share your own. No logins, no email address, no personal information.’

I like this app because it is anonymous and you can track where in the world it’s being read.  There is also feedback through people’s comments and hearts.  I have fun ‘catching’ airplanes and reading people’s random thoughts.  I also enjoy the way you flick the screen to send off airplanes.  Makes it more interactive which in turn makes me come back more often.


yard sale mapperYard Sale Mapper
Here is what they have to say on their website: ‘Yard Sale Mapper is the original Yard Sale mapping companion for IOS, making it easier to find yard sales near you!  Yard Sale Mapper is an app for accessing craigslist on mobile devices. View sales in map or list format, read sale details, get directions, view street view of the sale site, create a route, add sales from other sources, and more!’

Whenever I am out and about and see a garage sale, it reminds me that I’d like to see a few more garage sales.  This app is perfect for those times and will even give you the best route to cover the most sales using the least mileage.


red stampRed Stamp– Here is what they have to say on their website: ‘Red Stamp is YOUR modern day social secretary. From sharing fun photos to fabulously social invites to birthday wishes to wishes of wellness, let us help you elevate each and every correspondence, every day.’

Some of you may have noticed I’ve posted pictures of projects or recipes using this app before.  I love it because they have super fun templates with different themes and they make it very simple to use the photos already on your phone.  I’ve never ordered a card or invite from them, but Sarah has sent cards using it.  In fact it was after receiving a card from her that I Googled ‘Red Stamp’ and I downloaded the app after seeing what it was all about.


coupon sherpaCoupon Sherpa– Here is what they have to say on their website: ‘Say goodbye to cutting and clipping coupons forever. The Coupon Sherpa app for the iPhone and Android devices puts the money-saving power of 100+ mobile coupons right in your pocket. Find offers for nearby stores, select the coupons you want to use and the cashier will scan them directly from your smartphone.’

I cannot add up how much money this app has saved me!  I am the type of shopper that has trouble buying something if I know there is a coupon and I just don’t have it with me.  I always try and keep unexpired coupons in my purse, but I just don’t do well with this.  I always have the coupons on Coupon Sherpa with me because I always have my phone with me!  A lot of stores I shop at except these electronic coupons and so it is very convenient as well.  I have successfully used coupons at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn’s, and Kohl’s just to name a few.



*Note*- I was not compensated in any way for this post.  Even though I’m singing the praises of these apps, it’s honestly just because I find these very useful and wanted to share them with others!


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