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Let the Grilling Begin! May 23, 2013

There are many things I love about summer: longer days of sunshine, warm weather, poolside drinks, eating outside…which leads me to grilling!  Summer is hot, which means I don’t often want to turn on my oven and heat up our apartment more.  More importantly, nothing can beat the taste of a grill.  You know what I mean?  It gives your food this unique flavor that screams summer time!

We love making burgers and kabobs in summer, but this summer I am determined to expand our grilling repertoire.  Here is a recipe we had for dinner tonight that turned out fantastic!  I loosely based it on a blog I found through Pinterest, but made many of my own adjustments based on what I thought might make it taste best.

Bruschetta Chicken

You will need:

  • 5 cloves fresh garlic
  • 8-10 fresh basil leaves
  • 4 roma tomatoes
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 1/3 c. olive oil, plus a drizzle more
  • 1/3 c. balsamic vinegar
  • 4 slices fresh mozzarella
  • salt and pepper

First, make a marinade of the olive oil, balsamic, 4 cloves minced garlic, and about 1 tsp. each of salt and pepper.

ImageNow, separate a small amount (I filled a ramekin dish about 1/3 of the way) of your marinade for later use.  Put the rest of your marinade and the chicken breasts in a freezer bag, making sure your chicken is well-coated in marinade.  Marinade for at least 30 minutes for ideal flavor.

ImageWhile your chicken is marinating, make a bruschetta mixture of your chopped tomatoes, chopped basil, a drizzle of olive oil, your remaining clove of garlic (minced), plus salt and pepper to taste.  Mix this well and let it sit for awhile while your chicken marinates and you start your grilling.  This way that yummy garlic flavor will really saturate the bruschetta.

ImageGrill your chicken on medium-high grill heat about 4-5 minutes on each side, brushing the additional ramekin of marinade over it as it grills.  With about 2 minutes left, add a slice of fresh mozzarella to each chicken breast so it melts on top.

ImageOnce your chicken has been removed from the grill and is cool enough to eat, lay it on top of a bed of brown rice and spoon your bruschetta on top.


Honestly, this turned out to be one of the best non-traditional (as in non-burgers or chicken sandwiches) grill meals we’ve had.  I would highly recommend it.  My one tip would be to throw down on some decent balsamic not just off the shelf from your grocery store (we used the traditional 18-year aged balsamic from EVOO’s shop in Denver).  This will really enhance your cooking flavor!


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