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Vintage Soft Tees May 28, 2013

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I’ve wanted to try a pin I saw on Pinterest forever but I always forgot to buy salt at the store!  Finally I remembered two weekends ago and last week I made a concoction that will soften your tees and make them feel vintage soft.  Concoction is a big word because this is seriously the simplest recipe you’ll ever put together.


The only two ingredients are:
1 quart of water
½ cup salt

You’ll also need these materials:
selection of tees
3 days time/patience
washer & dryer

So simple!  But you must pay attention and read the whole post because there is a variation which I will explain later.  I picked out two tees that needed some softening so I doubled the above recipe and mixed it until the salt was dissolved.  Then I submerged the tees in the water, covered the bucket with foil {to protect it from mischievous kitties} and wrote myself a note so I could remember when the soaking was done:


Once the time was up I wrung out the tees and threw them in the washing machine with a bit of detergent and then dried them in the dryer on high heat.  I never ran to the dryer so fast once I heard the buzzer –am I the only one who dreads folding clothes?  I would bet not.  Anyway, I took the tees out and they were softer, but not what I would call vintage soft.  I was a bit upset, but after thinking about it a bit, I decided I should have soaked in boiling water and washed in hot water.  I also tripled the recipe even though I still was only working with 2 tshirts.  Here is my modified recipe for 2 vintage tees:

3 quarts boiling water
1½ cup salt

You’ll also need these materials again:
selection of tees
3 days time/patience
washer & dryer (wash in HOT water)

To be honest with you, the tees are still soaking.  I had the epiphany to use boiling water on Saturday and didn’t carry out my new plan until Sunday so the tees are still doing their thing in the bucket.  I will need to report back to you and let you know if they end up any softer.  I really believe they will be.  Even if the temperature doesn’t make a huge difference, I think by putting the tees through the process twice the softeness will  be increased.  Only time {and another post} will tell!


3 Responses to “Vintage Soft Tees”

  1. this sounds awesome. And coming for a dude that doesn’t have a Pintrest nor do I ever do these sorts of crafty tips, but I think… yea, I think I might be down for this. Unfortunately, a lot of my shirts have writing and lettering that will surely take a beating in this process, but I will give it a shot on some of my plain shirts if I remember.

    • Uncharted Says:

      Glad I could inspire you to try something new! The teal tee I chose has lettering- I plan to report on what happens after this next wash. However, I am doubtful it will get ruined. I saw a pretty intense tutorial advising using sandpaper to rough up lettering for a more authentic look. Just saying I think it takes more than just brine to affect the lettering. Good Luck!

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