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Summer Cruisin’ June 4, 2013

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‘Purchase a bicycle and ride it as much as possible’ was on my first list of aspirations I did back in 2011 (#20).  I carried it through on my 2012 (#20) and 2013 (#17) lists as well.  I am both excited and a bit embarrassed to finally announce that I have purchased the thing!  Maybe it was the fact I moved it up the list a bit?  Actually the main reason is that my new company provides a Wellness benefit of 250 dollars each calendar year that we can use towards participating in healthy and stress reducing activities.  Riding a bike provides very good exercise and it’s perfect for me with my still recovering surgery foot because there is almost no impact while riding a bike like there would be with running.  I never liked running anyways, but that is beside the point.  This benefit really gave me the push to go ahead and buy the thing.  I mean after all what better price is there than free?

I had the bike shipped to my dad’s house since big boxes really aren’t deliverable to my apartment.  Then last Friday I went over there and my dad put it together for me.  What a sweetheart!

 dad bike

I did a lot of research {ahm, two or so years worth} before choosing the bike I did.  After looking around, I decided I wanted a cruiser bike which means there are no gears and the brake is not on the handle- you press the pedals backward in order to brake.  Just like little kid’s bikes work.  I realized I just wanted something simple I could use to exercise.  I personally didn’t want gears to figure out.  It’s not like I’m going to use the thing on mountain trails or something.  That decision opened the door for me to choose a bike based on customer reviews and looks.  I found this particular one on Amazon by Victory and it had good reviews and was a pretty good price, not to mention it is adorable!  Here is a picture of it all put together:

Victory Crusier BikeI just love the white wall tires and the pretty blue color.  I also picked up a carrier that attaches to my trunk so I can transport the bike to different locals and not have to ride the same places.  Now I have no excuse not to exercise- got to get my butt in gear to prepare for Karla’s wedding!


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