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First Northwoods Fix June 5, 2013

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This past weekend Matt and I took a long weekend to head up to the Northwoods. We had four items to accomplish during our stay:

  1. Stop at New Glarus Brewery for a six order pick-up (they really need to start distributing in Illinois)
  2. Cut down a tree (for our wedding centerpieces)
  3. Purchase and prep replacement deck boards for installation on our pier
  4. Fish

Luckily we got #1 taken care of on the first day. It’s become a tradition to stop at New Glarus, Wisconsin on the ride up. We hit the brewery first. Grab our sample beer, take the self-guided tour to see what’s changed since last year, check out the gift store and then pick up our to-go beer. Once that’s done we head into town for lunch at Swiss restaurant for some German style food just like mom makes. It’s a fun way to break up the drive and see a little of small town America.

#2 I was a little nervous about, mostly because of the weather. The forecast all weekend called for a 50-50 chance of storms. Not exactly ideal weather for getting your lumberjack on. Fortunately on Saturday, it didn’t rain until the very end of the day! We even received lumberjack training from my neighbor who cut down the tree for us.  Then Matt and I disassembled the tree, removing branches and and splitting the tree into smaller sections. Next step was to apply anchor seal to lock in the tree’s moisture to help preserve it.

#3 Matt’s first trip to Pukhall lumber was on Sunday. He was like a kid in a candy store. Granted, I was too, but we managed to contain ourselves. We came for 40 four-foot sections of deck board and left still with plenty of room in Derek. We headed back to the house and set-up shop in the garage. In order to help my cousin with the installation, we drilled in some pilot holes. Oh, shucks, we got to use power tools. I was able to use the drill press and Matt used a hand drill, together we had the boards complete in a few hours.


Playing with power tools!

#4 The first day we arrived we went fishing right off the dock in between a few thunderstorms. Matt had a few nibbles on his line but nothing bit. Luckily for me, a small mouth bass decided to chomp on my hook. Not wanting to settle on a score of 0-1, Matt wanted to go fishing our last night up at the lake. We headed out on the paddle boat for close to 2 hours and caught no fish. But I guess that’s why we’re going back up in July so he can even the score 😉


Fishing off the dock


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