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What Doesn’t Kill You makes You Stronger! June 18, 2013

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Hey all! Tonight is a short post because I was out at Kelly Clarkson’s concert at McCormick Place! She was amazing. I didn’t realize I knew so many of her songs. I’ll back up a bit…

She was playing for the 2013 SHRM Conference and although I didn’t attend the conference, some lovely friends did and offered me their tickets! I called my sister and a few cousins and we took the Metra downtown this evening. Seats weren’t assigned so we were able to get pretty close up but over to the side of the stage quite a bit. Here is our view:


We had fun belting out the songs and sharing 1 beer between the four of us (some lady offered it to us for taking a photo for her). What can I say, we’re wild and crazy! I usually don’t like going to concerts but I really enjoyed this one because I knew most all the song AND since there were seats there was no pushing and crowding to get closer to the band. That just drives me nuts! All in all we had a great time and I’m glad we went!



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