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Cleaning Out June 30, 2013

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Our friends Tom and Kim asked us a few months back if we wanted to do a garage sale with them. We jumped at the opportunity. Anything we could get rid of in advance of our two household merger is a good thing! The less we have to move the better. And hey, if we make a few bucks it’s all worth it.

Last weekend we had the garage sale. Friday we started bright and early. Together we managed to sell about $50. We had to cut the day short due to an impending storm. Nonetheless, we sold a few things and felt pretty good about what we accomplished in a short time-span. The next day we had a late start due to the weather. Yet, we still made over $60 combined. In the end we netted a little over $80 total, not too shabby.

Our Garage Sale!

Our Garage Sale!

There are a few key take-aways from our garage sale that will prepare me for any future ones.

  1. Get a comfortable lawn chair (you’ll be sitting down a lot).

  2. Borrow a cute baby for live entertainment and salesmanship (Luckily Tom and Kim have a 13-month old).

  3. Enjoy random conversations with strangers. You might learn something new, or something you didn’t want to know at all!

  4. Be ready to haggle. Have a number in mind and don’t be afraid to start high to get your price.

  5. Donate. We took everything we didn’t want to a Goodwill and dropped everything off. It was such a relief to have everything gone!

  6. Wear sunscreen to avoid bad tan lines or even burn lines.

  7. Folks are going to come early. Even if it is raining.

  8. Utilize the internet! You can promote your garage sale on blogs, Craig’s List, and local online newspapers like the Patch.

I’ll keep our readers posted how the next garage sale goes. We might try one in September after the wedding or maybe just wait til next spring. We’ll see how adventurous we are! Oh, and I still have a few things for sale. Let me know if you’re interested in anything listed below.

Hand Painted Magazine Holder

Hand Painted Magazine Holder

Maple Side Table

Maple Side Table


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