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5 Days Dockside July 2, 2013

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Last week I actually was writing my blog post in the car on the way to Pure Michigan {smart phones do amazing things}!  Every year we travel East and North to my aunt and uncle’s lakehouse to hang out with family for an extended weekend.  This year we went up a bit early on Wednesday.  People always ask me what we do up there, and the answer is almost nothing.   We eat, nap, read, boat, sun ourselves, booze, and eat some more.  It is glorious to have such a simple list of things to do for 5 days!  In addition to the relaxation, it is so nice to have {almost} everyone all together in the same place.  Granted this year we had to rent an extra house because there were too many of us to fit in one, but it was only about 2 blocks away and ended up being a good set up for us.

The weather was pretty good for us. There were a few storms that passed through, but watching all the cool clouds made up for the sunshine they stole away.

 photo (7)One morning looked super cloudy so all the cousins decided to drive into town and go thrifting.  Cue Macklemore!  We went four different places and encountered a lot of interesting items.  My favorite place was the first place we went that had a super friendly kitty.  Here is a little glimpse into our adventure:


Those baby faces were a bit creepy, but I couldn’t resist a photo opportunity.  A few people found some treasures and by the time we got back it was nice enough to lay outside again.  We played millions of games and I learned a few new ones too.  My favorite was probably one called Contact.  It was complicated to learn, but once we got the hang of it we were on a roll!  One person thinks of a word and gives the group the first letter.  Then the group asks questions about words that also start with that letter and tries to stump the person with a secret word.  If the main person doesn’t know the answer, but someone else in the group yells, ‘Contact,’ then there is a count down.  3,2,1…and they both shout out the answer.  If it matches then the person with the secret word has to tell the group the next letter of the secret word.  Sounds a bit confusing, but once you start playing its fun and forces you to be pretty creative.    It was sad to say goodbye to everyone at the end of the weekend and go back to work yesterday, but I was glad to get to spend so much time with  everyone.  Plus it’s a short week at work!  Everyone enjoy your Fourth of July and stay safe!


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