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Boating In The City July 10, 2013

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The best view of the city of Chicago is when you’re on a boat in Lake Michigan. Chicago has such a beautiful skyline and it’s pretty rare that you can see it from that angle unless you know someone with a boat. Luckily I do. And I’m even more lucky that they take me out on it pretty regularly!

Diversey Harbor

Diversey Harbor

This weekend Matt and I spent a day down at Diversey Harbor with our friends Mia and Doug. We started off the afternoon grilling brats dockside, drinking beer and enjoying the view. Mia had cut up some watermelon and I brought some home made rice krispie treats for dessert. It was perfect. Oh, and let me tell you, some fabulous people watching too. Apparently we came on a calm day since most of their boat neighbors were still recovering from the 4th of July…worked out perfect for us!

After lunch, we headed out on the lake. It was a little choppy but made for a fun boat ride up to Montrose beach. We anchored nearby to enjoy the techno “thuds” from the Wavefront Music Festival. Doug and Matt were brave and swam a few times. Mia and I however stayed on the boat. I need the water to be a over 65 if I’m going swimming otherwise I turn into a popsicle. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, having random dance parties and ogling at other large boats wishing we had millions of dollars to spend. Time to buy a lotto ticket.

Matt, me and Mia

Matt, me and Mia

Once dusk hit we headed back into the harbor. Mia and Doug convinced us we needed dinner so we followed them to an adorable sushi restaurant close to the harbor called Torajiro Sushi. We continued our dance party in the restaurant much to the owner’s delight. So much so we got a free order of rolls and a free round of saki. Yes, we brought our best moves and were rewarded. But seriously, the food was amazing and the owners were wonderful. Matt and I told Mia and Doug we have a new tradition whenever we go on the boat with them – the evening must conclude with sushi.

Now I’m just waiting for my next boat invitation…


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