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Change of Plans July 16, 2013

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Tonight I planned on telling you all about this past weekend which was Karla’s Bachlorette Party and Wedding Shower. I was involved in a few aspects, but I was most excited about the decorations! Unfortunately my night took a turn and I won’t have time to tell you about all that tonight. What could have happened?

I walked up to my apartment on the third floor into my kitchen and found a super shiny counter along with yellow liquid surrounding two of the stovetop burners. My first thought was that the cats had an accident. There was so much though. It didn’t make sense! Then I remembered the cork I saw laying on the floor when I walked in. I had assumed the cats fished it out of the recycle. Now I looked upwards towards the wine rack…

Sure enough! One of the bottles had burst open and sprayed all over the kitchen! I wish I was kidding about this. I proceeded to take down every bottle so they all wouldn’t overheat and explode all over as well. Then I poured myself the rest of the wine in the burst open bottle, dropped in a few ice cubes, and proceeded to scrub down every surface in the kitchen. Hey, can’t let good wine go to waste! Thankfully it was a Moscato which is one of my favorites.

Moral of the story is my next apartment will have central air!



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