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Bridal Emergency! July 19, 2013

…If you want to avoid one on the day of the wedding, prep an emergency kit for your bride.  Keep your bride’s needs in mind: what’s her favorite kind of gum, what makeup and chapstick types does she use to prep, what will the weather be like in the wedding city?  I was the maid of honor for a bride in Los Angeles, so I had to keep weather and heat in mind.


A few suggestions of items to include in your bridal emergency kit might be:

  • hand sanitizer
  • makeup removing wipes
  • lint brush
  • tums or antacids
  • lotion (a non-greasy formula is better because she won’t want to get it on her dress)
  • pain reliever
  • bandaids (we all know those pretty bridal shoes can create some nasty blisters!)
  • floss
  • gum
  • mints
  • handheld fan (don’t forget the batteries!)
  • snacks (the bride’s favorite candy bar or granola bars are good and easy pickups)
  • nail file
  • nail clippers
  • small sewing kit
  • cough drops
  • chapstick
  • lipstick (ask the bride for her color beforehand, or grab one from the makeup artist the day of the wedding)
  • tissues
  • travel size hairspray
  • bobby pins
  • purse-size comb or brush
  • compact mirror

You can find some cute bridal emergency kits pre-made on sites like Etsy, but if you’re like me and tend to go the more DIY & money-saving route, pick up your items at the dollar store (Dollar Tree has a lot of name-brand items you can throw in your kit), and get creative with your bag!  I picked up this cute black canvas bag on sale for $2, the bride decal and floral pin from Hobby Lobby using their handy 40% mobile coupons on my iPhone.


Your bride will most certainly thank you for remembering these must-haves on her day of, and even if she doesn’t use them all that day it’s a nice gift to leave her with, providing lots of travel sized needs to take on her honeymoon!



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