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Weekend in the Burbs July 24, 2013

Last weekend was an out and about in the Chicago burbs. Saturday afternoon we headed north to Evanston. We met up with my old college friend, her husband and adorable baby girl at Bat 17. Holy cow, you need to go to Bat 17. Amazing food, ambiance and beer selection coupled with massive food portions. We ordered the bruschetta which could have easily feed six (each piece was massive) and topped with delicious tomatoes and cheese. For our main meals, I ordered the turkey burger (delicious) and Matt got the guacamole burger (also delicious). Still needing something sweet, I ordered a chocolate chip cookie to go that was about four times the size of a normal cookie. I was in cookie heaven. We had so much food left over we didn’t stop at Whole Foods before heading to our next spot, Ravinia.

We enjoyed the scenic drive from Evanston to Highland Park. We oo’ed and ah’ed as we followed Ridge Avenue Northbound. Every so often we caught glimpses of the lake and a few parks. Matt and I both decided we’re coming back to check out the parks and swim.

In order to get a good lawn spot for the sold out, “Under the Sun” Ravinia show, we got there right at 4:15PM. The line-up included Fastball, Vertical Horizon, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray and Smash Mouth. We headed towards the back of the park and found an excellent space to break camp.

Our Ravinia Set-Up

Our Ravinia Set-Up

All of our wedding shower gifts came in massively handy! We broke in our Uno game, used our table, chairs, wine glasses and picnic basket. All of the bands did a great job playing their greatest hits. We had a blast singing along…until the rain hit. Right before Smash Mouth went on, it started to thunderstorm. Matt and I did bring our rain jackets but naturally left them in the car. We sure did learn our lesson! So, unfortunately we left before Smash Mouth took the stage to head home.

Sunday we hit up the Germanfest in Lombard held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church with our friends the Ludwigs. Our first stop was the air conditioned gym for a few games of bingo. Unfortunately no one won in our group, though we did try! Once we felt sufficiently cool we headed out to the food tent to enjoy the sounds of “HiFi Superstar” an alternative rock band. We grabbed our German beers as well as very reasonably priced bratwurst plates to enjoy the music and people watching. Two beers later and after the band’s set we decided head back.

Lombard’s Germanfest

All in all one great weekend hanging out in the suburbs. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next weekend!


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