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The Greatest Discovery in the World July 30, 2013

Sorry this one is going up a little late for me, but I absolutely could NOT wait until next Monday to share a little secret with our readers. This. Is. Big. OK – so the build up is perhaps, a tiny bit dramatic and this news will not make you crumble to your knees thanking God for this discovery but for me… my heart melted a little with happiness. Ready for the news?

I’ve always been a decently clean/neat person. There are times when my room gets covered in clothes because I can’t find something to wear, but I general stick to a regular cleaning regime on a weekly basis and keep our place pretty tidy, especially since it sometimes still smells like old people. But by living in Barrington, we have made a small sacrifice when it comes to our water. In Unincorporated Barrington, we are on well water. And our water is DISGUSTING. When you put it in a clear bowl and let it sit for a few minutes, you will notice that the water turns a little orange. That is because we have high iron. As some of you may remember from science class (or if you too, have the unfortunate experience of being on well water), when there is high iron count in water, it can lead to rust.  So, as you can imagine… our toilets, sinks, etc. are constantly exposed to the water and thus, have started to rust around the drains.

With the rust on our sinks and toilets, we have tried a lot of solutions to clean them up in our normal cleaning routine. Scrubbing our arms out until our fingers are bleeding, using different cleaning products and materials, using water softeners that reduce iron in the water, NOTHING was working. So the point was, that even when we cleaned our house, it still looked and felt dirty. So I took to the internet this weekend to find a solution, because I just couldn’t take it anymore and VOILA, I read the most fabulous and helpful news ever. (Is the build up killing you yet?)

Salt + Lemon Juice = Miracle

All you do is sprinkle a nice thick layer of table salt (I used Morton’s) over the area where you have rust (obviously this solution works in sinks but will not work on the toilet). Then squeeze some lemon juice over the salt to coat it and wait for a few hours (I waited overnight because I really wanted to make sure it worked). The next morning, I scooped out the salt with my hand and just by using a little pressure, I could rub the rust away with my finger! Our sinks are looking brand new and I am a happy clam!

I hope this advice helps you if you have rust problems. I know it’s massively dorky, but knowing this trick has made me so relieved now that I have a cheap and easy way to fix an ugly problem. Now I just need to figure out the toilets… suggestions are welcome!


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