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Ombré Bangle August 6, 2013

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Sometimes projects can be sneaky. I have a whole board of Pinterest projects I’d like to do try out, but the other night I was organizing things in the third bedroom when I saw a wooden bracelet in a donation pile of Karla’s. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I asked Karla if I could save it from the pile. As soon as she gave me the go ahead I busted out my glue gun and started to work.

Here are all the materials I used:


I’ve had that multicolored yarn for ages, but it wasn’t a good consistency (fluffy enough) for the flowers I used to create. This was the perfect use because I needed the yarn to lay very flat and have no fluff! Plus it looks like a lot of work without hardly any because the color of the yarn changes on its own creating an ombre effect rather than me patching a pattern together myself. Anyway let’s get to the directions.

1. Heat up the glue gun and cut a long enough piece of yarn to wrap around the whole thing.
2. Smear a little glue on the bracelet and immediately place the end of your yarn on there.

3. Begin to wrap the yarn around the bracelet.
4. You’ll need to move quickly because the glue dries very fast. You’ll know it’s dry because the yarn will stop sticking to the bracelet.
5. Each time you stop to add more glue, you have to untangle the length of yarn that wraps itself on the bracelet before you can continue.

6. Before you know it you’ll have a new accessory to wear!

I’ve noticed these bracelets in stores lately and I just created my own version in 10 minutes only using items on hand. You could experiment with other materials. Maybe ribbon instead of yarn? The possibilities are endless!


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