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Recycle & Reuse = Drawer Dividers August 13, 2013

After rushing to pack everything up for my dad, I felt like I needed to start packing up my apartment.  I at least wanted to start so I won’t be frantic as my move date looms closer and closer.  Moving everything he has has made me much more aware of how much stuff I have.  It really bothered me so I’ve decided to go through my things in order to organize what I’m keeping and either trash or donate the rest.  Last weekend I was going through a drawer to my dresser and remembered a pin I saw on Pinterest {surprise surprise right?}.  I opened up Miss Jen’s  I heart organizing blog on my phone and proceeded to make some drawer organizers!

All you need is:
Decorative paper-scrapbook or wrapping
Empty boxes

Using your marker, mark the place the drawer hits the box you are measuring.

drawing lines

I strayed from Jen’s instructions in this next step because I didn’t have very many boxes and I didn’t have a box cutter .  I had to get creative!  I turned the boxes over, measured the top end of the box and then broke down the boxes and easily cut right across with scissors.  I ended up making use of more box with this technique which made me happy.

cutting boxes

The marks I made while measuring are circled in green

After they were all cut I got out my tape and put the boxes back together and planned their arrangement inside my drawer.  You can sort of see below that I didn’t fill up the whole drawer with the organizers.  I didn’t want a whole drawer of them, but rather a section.  The beautiful thing about this project is there is a lot of room for customization.


Once you have your paper picked out you can set to work cutting the paper to wrap the boxes.  I had to do a bit of patchwork on my boxes which annoyed me.  Jen’s instructions made it look so easy, why was I struggling!?  Her instructions said to cut two strips of paper, place the paper in the bottom of the box, wrap it around the outsides, and tape the paper flaps to the bottom.  Then repeat in the other direction.  Check out her post, she has nice pictures to illustrate this.  I believe it ended up being harder for me because I started off using scrapbook paper and the 12×12 size was a bit too small for all my boxes.  I switched to wrapping paper on the last two boxes and it was so much easier.  In fact I would say don’t try to use scrapbook paper unless you have very small boxes to cover.


After a little time on the Struggle Train I managed to get all my boxes covered and organized in my drawer.  Don’t they look pretty?  I almost couldn’t bring myself to fill them up.


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