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Cleaning House with Craigslist August 28, 2013

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I started off very cranky crabby this morning! I think it’s the heat and the humidity. Mostly humidity because it messes with my sinuses. I woke up with a headache in the side of my head that felt like someone was nailing things in there. I made myself shower and lay down again and I felt a little better. Then I ate some toast so I could get something in my stomach and take some Advil. After about an hour at work I realized it had disappeared.

Perhaps I’m just stressed about moving? As I may have mentioned a few {hundred} times, Karla and I are moving out of our apartment in September. After watching my dad scramble to get everything packed up for his move, I have really tried to get started early for my own move. Last weekend I went through the apartment and made lists of all my furniture in each room. An inventory of sorts. Then I highlighted any item that will not be coming with me. I called my dad to talk about the highlighted items. To see if he wanted any of them for himself or if he wouldn’t mind storing some things that I won’t come with me, but I want for the future. He is very generous with all his new space and told me I can put anything I want into his new place. Then there are the items I have just decided to sell. I already went through the garage sale thing and I’m not about to hold another one, so I’ve decided the best avenue is Craigslist.

I don’t know how many of you have used Craigslist as a seller before. They try to make it simple, but it can be a little bit of work to set up a listing. You first answer a few questions:

-What type of posting (For sale by owner)

– Choose a category (Furniture by owner)

-What part of Chicago are you located in?

Then you fill out the title, price, and specific town. There is an open space for a description and a place to enter your email so you can receive emails in regards to the ad. I always check the box for using craigslist mail relay which means people won’t see your actual email address. You can also chose to add a map so people can see where they would need to travel to to pick up the item. The next page you are able to add photos. It is important to choose pictures that are not too large (data-wise). If they are too large, they will never load. Also remember that whatever picture you load first is the main picture people will see when they are looking through ads.

Here are just a few of the items I’m putting up for sale:

wooden couch

Sleigh Daybed- We’ve been using it as a couch, but add a twin mattress (which I also am seeling) and it becomes a lovely twin bed!

rug 1

Adorable Flower Pattern Rug- sure to brighten any room!


Folding Shelves- perfect for a home office or dorm room


Armless Slipper Chair- needs a bit of repair, but I saw a cute Pin on Pinterest that covered a ripped couch with lace. Get creative!

If you or anyone you know would be interested in any of these items or want to see some other furniture for sale, please leave a comment or email me at unchartedchicago@gmail.com If not, wish us luck selling all this stuff! Whatever doesn’t get sold will be donated or placed on the FreeCycle site, which is pretty much like donating…people just have to do the work of coming to get it.


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