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Kicking it to the Krrb September 10, 2013

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As of today, I have officially secured a new apartment!  Yay!  Now I can stop worrying about a place to live and start worrying about moving…which to be honest I had already started as illustrated in my post two weeks ago about Craigslist.  Can’t call me a procrastinator in that department!  I talked in that post about making an inventory of stuff, but now I have organized it into a spreadsheet that covers each room in my current apartment and then contains four tabs: New Apartment, Dad’s House, Sell, and Trash.  There is a tab called Dad’s House because he is nice enough to let me keep some furniture there that won’t quite fit in my new place.  I went through each room in the current apartment and recorded each piece of my furniture onto one of the tabs.  I’ve called a few moving companies and they like to know exactly what they’ll be moving so that was a helpful exercise.  We’ll see what ends up being the best option, but it’s looking to be a bit pricey since my things will be traveling to my new apartment and my dad’s house.

There isn’t too much to get rid of.  There are two pieces that are damaged and just plain worn out that will go in the trash.  There has been a lot of donating along the way.  It’s kind of scary how much stuff I had, but really didn’t need or want.  Then there are the items to sell.  After selling a rug and the wooden day bed (to a lovely home!), there are six pieces that I or Karla and I would still like to sell.  I know I wrote a whole post about Craigslist, but has anyone heard of a website called Krrb?  It’s pronounced like ‘curb’ and it’s a newer site that my sister introduced me to.  You can choose to buy, sell, rent, trade, or post something for free.  Here is how they describe themselves:

Krrb (pronounced ‘curb’) is a hyperlocal, curiously global classifieds made just for you. A most epic scavenger hunt at your fingertips where you can thrift, scavenge, rummage and discover local treasures – in your neck of the woods or over yonder.


I really like it a lot so far.  It seems simpler to post and they even have a phone app so you can take pictures as you are posting and check in at any time to see if anyone has inquired about an item you are selling.

krrb mobile

 Each item you post costs 1 credit, but the posting does not expire until it is sold or you remove it.  You can earn free credits multiple ways, but when you join you automatically get 10 credits, so that’s 10 items you can post for free right off the bat!  If you run out of free credits, you can purchase them anywhere from $1 – 50 cents depending on how many you buy at one time.  I just started using it and posted a couple items on there.  If you’ve used it before tell me what you think!  Hopefully I can get everything still on the ‘sell list’ sold so we won’t have to deal with it when we move.  Wish me luck!


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