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Down to the Wire September 24, 2013

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Hey all, I hate to be lame, but there is no time to write an actual post tonight. That’s because this is my current life:


Packing, packing, and more packing. For the most part I’m past going through things and trying to just pack. I have probably donated at least two cars full of stuff though which makes me feel better about getting rid of things. I have to say I have way
more stuff than anyone really needs and I have two new best friends. Let me introduce you:


There’s more where that came from, but I won’t bore you with stacks of boxes. Good news is I locked in a mover for this weekend and made an appointment with professional cleaners (thanks for picking up that Groupon Karla!) so this place will be spick and span for the next tenants. I’ve also sold 4 items that were for sale which is pretty good. I’m glad those things all got new homes!

I also made sure to change my address with the post office which you can now do online at: www.USPS.com. Just complete the information they ask you for and give them a credit or debit card to confirm who you are. They’ll charge you a dollar for their trouble, but you’ll get a confirmation email letting you know that everything was set up for you. Wish me luck on moving day!


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