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Settling In October 1, 2013

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I am so boring. I know I’ve been writing about moving forever…I just looked back and there are at least four posts related to me moving. That doesn’t even count my dad moving and that whole emotional mess. Now that I’ve pseudo apologized for my lack of interesting things to write about, I feel I can continue on with my moving saga!

Saturday I made the actual move, but I am nowhere near unpacked yet. Does anyone else feel like if you do all the work of packing and moving that everything should unpack and place itself in the perfect spot as a reward? That would be nice, not to mention magical. So far I have managed to unpack and put away everything in the kitchen as well as the bathroom. The kitchen seemed the most important to me because I was sick of eating out for every meal the past week and wanted to make a real dinner. The bathroom was just an easy win. I only had two boxes of stuff and since I had already purchased a new curtain and rug to match the tile in there, it felt like a large accomplishment, even though it’s a fraction of the size of everything else!

With those missions accomplished I vowed I’d unpack at least one box a day until they are all gone. Tonight, as of right now, I have no boxes unpacked. You’d think with no TV to watch (oh yeah I can’t find the power cord to the TV) I’d be more productive, but I find myself avoiding the unpacking. Instead I’m looking up inspiration for my new living room on Pinterest. That counts as productive right? I know it’s just procrastination. I’m going to have to unpack everything eventually. It’s just exhausting making so many decisions. First, do I keep this item I packed away and paid people to carry across a couple towns so that I could keep it? And second, if I am going to keep it, where does it belong? What makes the most sense? What looks the best? If I don’t keep it, then I need to gather it all up and chose where to donate it. Okay well it’s time I get some sleep, I promise I’ll get back into unpacking tomorrow!


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