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On the Lookout October 9, 2013

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Unpacking is coming along pretty well.  Sunday I finally got through the two biggest boxes.  I was pretty impressed with myself (it’s the little things).  Now I’ve moved my concentration onto decorating.  Since the living room is probably where most my time is spent that is the first room I’m concentrating on.  My new living room came with a black leather couch and a black TV stand.  I was able to also fit one of my grey leather chairs along with it’s ottoman and my bamboo chair in the room.  Does anyone remember the bamboo chair I had reupholstered a few years back?  You can refresh your memory here, but the fabric I chose had a pretty yellow and grey floral pattern on it.  This is the inspiration for the décor in the room!  The colors will be black, grey, and yellow. 

There really isn’t any furniture I need to purchase for the room other than a coffee table.  The main thing I feel I’m missing is a rug.  I keep seeing pillows and accents that I like, but I’m afraid that whatever rug I end up with won’t match these.  A rug is much more expensive so I am holding off on the other items until I have that settled.  I measured the space in the middle of the room and determined I should buy a 7 x 9 foot rug.  My sister and I attended a talk with a professional decorator earlier this year and he made the suggestion that a rug never reaches all the way to the edge of the room and that it should be anchored by the largest piece of furniture in the room.  Now that I decided on a black/grey/yellow color theme, I feel like I can’t find anything that fits the bill!  On top of the color scheme and size restriction I’ve put on myself, I can’t decide if I want a plush rug or if a woven one would be okay.

Here are a few choices I’ve found so far.  Thoughts?  Have you seen any yellow rugs I might like? 

Morocann Trellis

From RugsUSA- Comes in 7×9
Is currently 55% off!


From RugsUSA- Sold out in 7×9
Currently 55% off!


From Ikea- 5’7″ x 7’10”
Reasonable price, but woven


2 Responses to “On the Lookout”

  1. Katie Rose Says:

    Unless you are going to be sitting on the floor, I think it would be okay to go with woven. Also, since you have cats, the less white the better. I vote for the third one!

  2. urbanHAUS Says:

    You color scheme is one of my favorites 🙂 Yellow is such a happy color! westelm.com has plenty of rugs that you may like, and definitely worth checking out it you’re not familiar (I’ve scored major deals on clearance!) Also have you considered a gray rug instead of yellow? it would look great with pops of yellow accents! I just tried to insert a pic from westelm, but wordpress won’t let me. Oh well!

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