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Parks & Rec October 15, 2013

Loving Parks and Recreation!  I didn’t have cable for awhile so I went to my new library to rent some movies to entertain me and grab my latest bookclub book.  I brought along proof of my new address so I could obtain a new library card from my new town.  This was weirdly sad for me.  The librarian told me the process will automatically cancel my last library card and then she asked if she could cut up my old card.  I let her since it was going to be cancelled anyway, but it made me realize I probably won’t go there again and that made me nostalgic (I said it was weird okay?).   Anyway I walked upstairs to locate the book I was looking for and I came upon the TV show section.  I decided I’d rather watch a new show than a movie.  I spotted Parks and Recreation and quickly grabbed seasons 1 & 2.  I didn’t know much about it, but I knew Aziz Ansari is in it so it seemed like a good decision for me.  Season 1 was only seven episodes so I flew through those.  Season 2 is twenty-four episodes and I’m almost done with it.  It’s disgusting how addictive TV on DVD can be.  Honestly, I should be done with this post and in bed by now.



Karla and our friend Tom have both worked at Park Districts so it seems even funnier to me.  Can either of you comment on how true to life this show is?  If you don’t watch it, I feel like you at least need to see an episode!  Watching the show made me realize that I should check out what my new town has to offer in the way of ‘Parks & Rec’.  In my last town, Karla and I took a Pilates class together and I took a strength building class.  I like classes because the fact that there is a whole group there motivates me to stick with it.  In contrast with a DVD at home where it’s just me.  So far the yoga class seems the most interesting.  Problem is these classes all started in September.  I’ll probably wait for the next set to start at the beginning of the year so I’m not missing out. Maybe there will be a self defense class!  I’ve always wanted to take one of those.  Oh and now that my sister and I live in the same town, perhaps I can convince her to join something with me (if you are reading this think about it!).  The other option would be to look into a private studio that provides classes.  Lots of ideas  but for now it’s time for bed!


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