Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

Fall Traditions October 23, 2013

This weekend I fulfilled the requisite fall tradition of visiting a pumpkin patch and apple orchard.  Requisite sounds like I didn’t want to go or that I didn’t enjoy myself, but neither is true!   My girlfriends from college and I all met up at the closest house and then drove over to the Keller Farmstand in Oswego together.


We caught up on each other’s lives while searching through the apple orchard for good apples.  It was a bit late in the season so there weren’t a ton to choose from.  That coupled with the strange spots on the apples in a majority of the rows and we really had our work cut out for us.  In one of the last rows, we found a really great tree and honestly got almost all the apples from there.


We made our way over to the ‘patch’ after that which was really a patch of grass where they had placed pumpkins instead of the field they were actually grown in.  You could take a hayride over to the legitimate patch, but we found some good ones in the fake patch.  We then came upon a bin of fun little gourds and mini pumpkins.  We picked up a few of those and then when we went to pay we saw a section of farmstand items.  They had pie fillings, pickled items, honey, dips, and sauces.  I picked up a jar of pickles and paid before I could buy anything else.


Good Times with Good Friends!

 Oh and we couldn’t pass on the cinnamon donuts and apple cider.  We shared an order and the fall day felt complete!


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