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Hot Rocks! November 11, 2013

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In an effort to not only be social during the week, but also help my best friend Hollice pick out some wedding jewelry, I met up with her and our friend Jess at a new restaurant after work today. The place is called, “Tokio Pub” and was, as you can imagine, a japanese restaurant. It also is a part of the Lettuce Entertain You franchise apparently.

So while at Tokio Pub this evening, I decided to try something new with my meal and order a Japanese Hot Rock meal. What is a Japenese Hot Rock meal, you might ask? It is literally raw meat, marinated and served to you on a plate and a rock, that is over 500 degrees. You then cook your meat on the rock, to your liking and season with cucumber salad and spicy mustard sauce. My first thought was that the restaurant cook is too lazy to cook my food for me, so I had to do it myself… but then I thought the idea was neat, so I ordered the filet.

How the meal comes served

How the meal comes served

So I had 5 pieces of meat to perfect my craft, and it took me all 5 to figure out what needed to be done. First and foremost, you need two forks because you need one for raw meat and one for cooked. (They did not tell me this, I only know due to my background in food safety.) As a meat lover (and someone who loves a nice rare steak), I was nervous that I might overcook my meat… but I found the cooking process to be incredibly easy. My first pieces I “cooked” with a little rareness to the inside, but found the marinade to be pretty salty. By pieces 3 and 4, I was cooking the meat slightly longer, but had to have my rock replaced because it had cooled. Piece 5 was by far the best, cooked to a nice medium, which helped cut the saltiness of the marinade too.


Meat cooking on the rock

Meat cooking on the rock

Overall, an interesting experience and I’m glad to have tried it. I can’t say cooking my meat on a rock added any extra fabulous flavor or taste, but it was kind of fun… and definitely different. Have you ever tried cooking on a rock?




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