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Words on Glass: DIY Artwork November 12, 2013

My sister, friend, Lei , and I all attended the Renagade Craft Fair this year at the beginning of September.  We saw some really lovely things there and I purchased a few for myself (which I’m sure you’ll see at some point posted here).  I hate to admit this, but sometimes instead of buying something, a vendor will give me an idea for something I can make on my own.  In fact I have a little story for you…We were perusing the craft fair, walking along the long line of booths and we saw a booth selling framed art.  Instead of art behind the frame, they had painted words onto glass.  I exclaimed that ‘I should do that!’ and pointed at the booth.  My sister quickly informed me how rude I was being.  Of course she was right and I was just excited over the thought of a new project in my life.  No vendor wants to hear people say that they could do the same thing instead of buying their product.  So from then on, I kept quiet and mentally kept a list of items I thought I might make into my own projects someday.

Fast forward to now.  I have been trying to decorate my apartment since I’ve moved in a month ago and I am almost complete with the smallest room in my apartment…the bathroom!  I think it was the easiest to do because it’s so small and therefore less daunting for me.  The wall next to my sink had an empty hook and I decided I needed to have some art hanging in there.  But what to put up?  Right away I remembered the painted words on glass from the craft fair.  The phrase ‘So Fresh & So Clean’ seemed appropriate for a bathroom.  I Googled where the phrase came from because I really wasn’t sure why I knew it and its from an Outkast song.  Check out the video here.  I’m pretty sure Sarah did a post on a very similar phrase for her bathroom earlier this year too…yep check that out here.

From there it was pretty easy, I went out and grabbed some supplies: an 8×10 black floating frame (I recommend using a floating frame for this project, especially if you are placing the frame in a bathroom.  That way you can paint one side of the glass, cover it with the other pane of glass and it’s now protected from the steam in the bathroom), paint brush, and paint to match my shower curtain.  I also found a font on www.dafont.com, downloaded it, and printed out the phrase in the size I wanted for my artwork.  The name of the font I used was Motion Picture (since I was using for personal use only it is free).

materials 1

Phrase taped on

I taped the printed words to the back of the glass and used it as a guide to paint the front of the glass.

  I was very unhappy with the look I got and showed it to my sister who had done a similar project for her living room.  Turns out she had used a paint pen and hers looked profesh!  Back to the store for me, I picked up a paint pen in red.  I set the project to the side and ignored it for awhile because it felt hard to me.  This was silly because when I finally picked up the paint pen to try this again, it was so simple!

paint pen start

I kicked myself for putting it off for so long, let it dry and then hung it up right away.  I think it looks pretty good, what do you think?  I have one more project lined up for the bathroom and then I’ll show you the finished product.  Oh and look you found Harlo’s favorite spot to hang out in the apartment.  Just don’t turn the water on while he’s in there!



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