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A Sweet Little “Thank You” November 17, 2013

This past Thursday at school, my family involvement committee and I put on our school’s first ever Family Reading Night.  As with any event, especially when hundreds of kids and their parents are involved, it took a lot of leg work and preparation.  And I have been trying to become better at not bearing all the responsibility, but delegating appropriately so that it’s not a ton of stress on any one person, just a little extra commitment from each of several different people.  I was amazed at the outpouring of support and effort from our teachers who stayed to make the night a success, and I wanted to show them how grateful I was (since those of you who are educators know that we don’t get paid extra for staying 3 hours later than usual to put on an event like this for the kiddos).  Here’s the thank you I came up with…

  • I stamped Stampin’ Up’s “Thanks a Million” stamp onto 3 inch by 3 inch eggshell white cardstock pieces.  The stamp alone is no longer available, but you can purchase the digital download of the same image here.  I also found another single stamp that reads “Thanks A Million” that would make a cute little card without breaking the bank.Image
  • I hand wrote my message on the back of each card.  “Thank you for making reading night blissfully successful.  Hugs and kisses for your extra effort.”  I could have printed them on, but honestly I feel like the thank you is more genuine when you take the time to hand write your note.IMG_6140
  • I bought Hershey’s cookies and cream kisses, hugs, and bliss candy bags at the grocery store.  I also got some snack size zipper bags.  I would have loved to do something more creative with a tie at the top, but wanted to keep it on a low budget and get them out to people by the very next day, so I decided to keep it simple.
  • I tossed 6 each of the kisses and hugs, plus 3 of the bliss candies into each bag, along with a square note.IMG_6138
  • I dropped the bags in the mailboxes of teachers who stuck around to help out at Family Reading Night.IMG_6139

They were well-received, and I think people appreciated the extra touch.  My mission was accomplished, people know that I appreciate the extra effort they put in, not expecting any kind of compensation but receiving a small, sweet little “thank you.”


One Response to “A Sweet Little “Thank You””

  1. Uncharted Says:

    You are always so thoughtful…and creative! I love it and I bet the teachers did too.

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