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Restyling in the Bathroom November 26, 2013

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Fom Lombard to Libertyville to Lincoln Park to Lockport, I was all over the Chicagoland area this weekend.  And for some reason all the towns I traveled to started with an ‘L.’ Not to worry, it was all for fun things, but it did tire me out and I can’t wait for the two days off at Thanksgiving so I can get some extra sleep.   Tonight I thought I’d show you the last project I wanted to do in my bathroom before I showed you the completed space:

old cab

My Cluttered Bathroom Cabinet

I have this little cabinet in my new bathroom, but I just hate how all this stuff looks here.  It’s just so cluttered and unattractive!  I decided it needed some styling and in order to get some inspiration I headed over to Pinterest.  I found this photo and the link said it was from readit.com.  I wasn’t able to find the original source there, but whoever you are, thank you for posting!

makeupbrushes inspa

I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on this so I looked around my apartment for ways to get a similar look.

The Tray:  Right away I thought about a white ceramic tray I had in my kitchen that could be used on this shelf.  It was originally a tray to hold cream and sugar, but since I don’t have much space to entertain anyways, I thought I’d borrow it for the bathroom.  I crossed my fingers as I placed it on the shelf and what do you know, it fit perfectly!

Brush Container:  A couple years ago for my birthday my sister gave me some lovely succulent plants.  When I moved, the last one died and I saved the little glass vase she used.  I had it in with craft stuff just waiting to be used for a project.  Again it was the perfect size.  All the brushes would still fit in the shelf even when standing up.

Container Filler: I needed something to hold the brushes in place.  This I needed a bit of help with so I made my way to Michaels.  Although the inspiration picture had clear glass beads, I knew I wanted a darker material so it would stand out in the clear vase.  I had a bag of black mini river rocks in my hand when I spotted a bag of sparkly black sand!  I knew immediately that is what I wanted to use.  The bag cost $2.99 and with my 25% off coupon I got it for $2.25.

Styling:  I came home and poured the sand in the vase and arranged my brushes and mascara in the vase.  I don’t wear much perfume or use Q-tips so I decided to go the functional route.  I added my face lotion, tinted moisturizer, and night cream on one side and my face powder and brush to the other.  I moved a plant that was in the dark and dying to the top shelf so it would get some sun way up high and moved some candles that were in my living room to the top shelf as well.  I was starting to get sick of these, but in the new space they don’t bother me so much.

after cab

What do you think?  It really makes the bathroom look classier and cleaner don’t you think?


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