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Lovely Local Businesses December 2, 2013

Saturday was local business day.  Now, I realize that since today is Monday, it has passed and the focus on local businesses might not be as publicized on banners, billboards, and in TV and radio commercials.  However, shopping at local businesses can be lovely all year round, especially with the holidays coming up!  One of the toughest things about gifting is finding items that your friends and family will love, but feel unique and special.  Sometimes that can be difficult to do at big box stores, since it’s something anybody could have gotten from a myriad of stores around the country.  I know I know, your electronics and large items you’ll need to purchase at those big box stores, especially since they often cost less money.  But for the stocking stuffers, accessories, and creative gifts you want otherwise, your local businesses are your go-to shopping destinations.  Today I’m going to highlight some of my favorite local businesses in Denver.


Talulah Jones

  • Website: http://www.talulahonline.com/
  • Location: 1122 East 17th Avenue
  • Highlights: quirky and vintage-inspired home decor, holiday goods, stationery and greeting cards, high-end children’s clothing, unique and natural children’s toys, women’s clothing and accessories
  • Why love it?  It’s inviting right upon entry with adorable decor and lots of fun colors.  Talulah Jones has something for all the ladies and kiddos on your holiday shopping list, and the employees are inviting and willing to strike up a conversation with you!

Hope Tank

  • Website: http://www.hopetank.org/
  • Location: 64 Broadway
  • Highlights: out of the box accessories like fun socks and witty tees, children’s clothing and small toys, women’s resale clothing, hats, random little gift items, jewelry, and lots of locally made goods
  • Why love it? Part of the profit from every item you buy goes to a charity…I mean, how cool is that?! They even give you a slip of paper indicating which charity your profits are going to so you can feel like shopping actually did some good, or the person on the receiving end of a sweet gift from Hope Tank will be informed.

Hazel & Dewey

  • Website: http://hazel-dewey.com/
  • Location: 70 South Broadway
  • Highlights: kitchen items…think a huge selection of adorable towels, tablecloths, and aprons, plus colorfully handled knives and flatware, bowls, mugs, and teapots
  • Why love it?  Everything is unique. It’s not what you’ll find in a lot of big-box homegoods stores.  They also have some neat local flair.


  • Location: 56 South Broadway
  • Highlights: a TON of merchandise…a little something for everyone.  Here’s a sampling: home gifts, men and women’s clothing, greeting cards, special occasion gifts, and many witty little funnies.
  • Why love it?  You can find anything here.  If you’re in a pinch for the holidays, this can be your one-stop shop.

So next time you’re on the hunt for a fun gift or just a little something for yourself, shop local!


One Response to “Lovely Local Businesses”

  1. Erica T Says:

    You will have to take me to all of these when I’m in next time!

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