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The Holidays are Here! December 2, 2013

Whew – Thanksgiving flew by, but what an amazing time! We were so delighted to spend our long weekend with both of our families and friends. It was so great to be reminded of all of the wonderful things in our lives we have to be thankful for, especially since we’ve had some bad luck in the past couple of weeks. But now that my favorite holiday has passed, it’s time to focus on the next big one – Christmas!

So what do I mean by bad luck? We’ve had some unexpected expenses (I’m dead serious about wearing sunscreen every day- you should be too!), which is limiting the budget when it comes to Christmas, but we still wanted to make our house festive for the holidays – even though we don’t own many Christmas decorations. This is why I had to get creative when decorating our home.

So after we set up our tree, I decided we needed a little something else to make the place more festive… so I decided to wrap our wall art to look like presents!

Our tree

Our tree

We have three photos that hang over our tv and I thought they’d be perfect… so I chose 3 different wrapping papers and bought some ribbons and bows and got to work! (This is seriously the easiest project ever). I took down the photos and wrapped them like a present (and I only wrapped the front for ease of hanging and for saving paper).

Wrapping my Pictures!

Wrapping my Pictures!

And voila! An easy, inexpensive way to add a little more Christmas to any room. And bonus – you have something else to unwrap after the holiday season is over! 🙂 Sorry the pic is a little dark!

Yes, the Grinch is on too!

Yes, the Grinch is on!

Anyone else have creative and inexpensive ways for me to decorate my home for the holidays?


One Response to “The Holidays are Here!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Very creative! And you didn’t have to take down the pictures and store them someplace during the holidays. I love it!

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