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Deck the Halls December 4, 2013

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving Holiday!  I had a great time visiting with my family, eating too much food, and sleeping in almost every morning.  I used the time off to decorate for Christmas and do a little bit of shopping including a mini Christmas tree!  Although I am living in a smaller space now, I still insisted on having a real Christmas tree.  I set up a little table in a nook of my living room and went tree shopping with my sister at Home Depot.  They had 3-4 foot mini trees for between $19 – $24.  Kate took home a perfectly shaped Scotch Pine and I chose a Frasier Fir because that is the kind we always grew up with.

tree stich

I arranged multi-colored lights on the tree and added my silver and turquoise glass garland.  My mom had quite a few strands of glass garland that looked like fruit and my sister and I are obsessed with it.  As long as I can remember we have argued over who will get to keep the garland after my dad stops putting up a tree.  A couple years ago I found glass garland at Target and snatched it up!  I never was able to find it again and I always kick myself for not buying more.  With the mini tree I didn’t have to spread the garland so thin.  There is garland on the whole tree and it looks pretty good.  My sister somehow got a hold of some of the fruit garland and is using that this year…sneaker!  I placed the tree up on the table in my living room and wrapped the tree skirt I had around the base.  The skirt was a little too long to let hang off the table and to tell you the truth, I was scared one of my cats would play with the skirt and bring the whole thing tumbling down.  I unwrapped all my ornaments and had to choose my favorites because they couldn’t all fit on the tree.  I miss having a full sized tree, but I think the mini is pretty cute and it still gets me into the Christmas spirit.


Besides the tree, I wanted to decorate the shelf I have in that room.  I removed everything that was currently on the shelves, dug into my Christmas boxes, and settled on a metallic, white, and blue theme.  I got so excited taking out my Putz Houses!  Those were new last year and I wrote a whole post about them you can see here if you are interested.  I just love how glittery and vintage they look.  Those went on the very bottom shelf.  The next shelf up I left my card catalog drawers where they were and added my yarn trees with the blue and champagne color scheme.   I kept the next shelf neutral with a snow covered branch and lantern along with the glitter chevron project I did awhile back.  And on the top shelf I put a tree with mercury ornaments, a glittery silver bow, and a bowl of pinecones.

shelves detail whole shelf

I had lots of other decorations to use and I couldn’t let the living room be the sole festive spot in my apartment  so  I decorated the dresser in my bedroom with  an even smaller gold tree!  My sister helped me start a pink antique ornament collection a year or two ago and I use that tree to display them.  I added a cute little strand of snowflakes, an ornament that wouldn’t fit on my tree, one of my housewarming gifts from my sister, and wah-la!  I have a pretty festive vibe going on that I can now enjoy every morning when I wake up.


Now that all my decorations are up, it’s time to start shopping and wrapping!  Now sure where I’m going to stash all the gifts before Christmas…guess I’ll have to get creative.


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