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Not Ugly But Cute December 10, 2013

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Last week my office had an ugly sweater contest.  I was really excited because I had just pinned this DIY sweater idea not too long ago that I thought would be the perfect Pinspiration!

pinterest insporation

I’m not sure I’d call it ugly as much as I’d call it festive!  As soon as we started talking about doing a sweater contest I immediately went out and bought silver tinsel.  That was probably two weeks ahead of time.  I meant to go get the rest ahead of time but in true Kelly fashion, I waited until the night before. Someone please tell me why can’t I get out of this habit!?  I could not find instructions for the Christmas Tree Sweater so I just had to guess on what to get and how to create it.  I stopped by a thrift shop on the way home from work and found a red mock turtleneck sweater.  I lucked out because everything was half off so I only paid $5.00.  I had some mini ornaments at home, but they were glass and I was afraid I might break them, so I wanted to pick up some plastic ones.  I snagged a package of 20 for $2.50 at Walmart and hurried home to get it all put together.


1. Sweater

2. Tinsel Garland

3. Plastic Ornamanets

4. Hot Glue Gun

5. Glue Sticks

6. Safety Pins {Not Pictured}

7.Yarn {Not Pictured}

8. Scissors {Not Pictured}

9. Tree Topper!

10.  Christmas Light Earrings {Not Pictured}

I unraveled the tinsel garland and put on the sweater.  I took the end of the garland and placed it on my left hip and fastened a safety pin to anchor the end to the sweater.

pin it

I proceeded to wrap the tinsel around my body, stopping to pin when I reached my sides.  I carefully removed the sweater and made sure my hot glue gun was plugged in.  I glued down the tinsel garland so it would be sure to stay in place.  You need to be careful handling the sweater once the glue is on there…it will still be hot!


Once the body of the sweater is done, move onto each of the sleeves.  If you are ambitious you can try to line up the sleeve garland to the body garland.  To tell you the truth, I was under the weather when I was doing this project so perfection wasn’t on my mind.  The next step was to add the ornaments.  I cut a little bit of yarn and threaded it through the ornament top.  Then I tied the yarn to the garland tinsel and cut off the excess yarn.  You might want to add a little hot glue to make sure they stay {I lost a few ornaments the next day with just yarn}.

stepsOnce the ornaments are on the sweater is good to go!  I added some earrings that look like Christmas lights and wore my sweater snow boots to complete the look.  I got a lot of comments at work that my sweater wasn’t ugly but cute.   Needless to say I didn’t win the contest, but I was just happy to be festive and get in the Christmas spirit!

finished sweater


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