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All I Want for Christmas Is A Lumberjack December 11, 2013

A few weeks ago I talked about my family’s holiday tradition of going to Lincoln Square. This week I’m going to tell you about a new Hein tradition, one that Matt and I started last year, and that is cutting down our very own Christmas Tree.

Last year, our friends Tom and Kim recommended Ben’s Christmas Tree Farm in Harvard, Illinois. They went in early December and us, well, it ended up being a week or two later. Matt ended up getting more of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree for his holidays. But it was a very cute tree for the record. Kelly and I stuck with our go to Home Depot and found compared a nice six foot fraser fur. All I can say is Matt learned his lesson of going earlier in the season if he wanted a nicer tree.

That brings us to this year. We went opening weekend to Ben’s Tree Farm with our friends Tom, Kim and their adorable daughter Maddie. All five of us made the trip back to Ben’s Tree Farm. The two and half hour car ride went a lot quicker with tasty donuts and an entertaining almost two year old.

When we arrived at the tree farm we set off in search for Tom and Kim’s tree first. While maneuvering through lines of trees we caught a glimpse of Santa driving a tractor. Maddie was absolutely mesmerized by this bearded man in a red suite, so of course we waved and said hi from a distance. Santa waved back and asked if he wanted a ride back, but unfortunately we hadn’t picked our tree yet.

We had a perfect day for tree hunting. The weather was warm and clear blue skies with not even a light breeze to give us a chill. Pretty quickly Tom and Kim found their tree.

Tom, Maddie and Kim

Tom, Maddie and Kim

Then it was just left to Matt and I to find ours. And ten minutes later we did!

Matt Cutting Down The Tree

Matt Cutting Down The Tree

Ben’s Farm has quite the selection of trees plus free hot chocolate to warm you up if you need it. You can also see Santa and enjoy a free ride around his tractor or go on a horse drawn carriage ride. Your choice! And don’t forget to stop in by the petting zoo to see some adorable goats.

Once we had our trees bundled and on Tom’s car it was time to head back to the burbs. We broke up the ride a bit with a stop at Culver’s to replenish our stomachs. Even lumberjacks need more than donuts.

That night we got to work decorating our tree and I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think?

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree


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