Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

He’s Got Dasher, and Dancer, and Prancer, and Blitzen… December 14, 2013

My friend (and Jonathan’s cousin) Molly and I have been crafting up a storm this holiday season.  It’s so nice to have another female so close by who likes to stay in, drink wine, and hang out with glue guns and felt.  Give me a break people, I’m turning 29 this January.  It doesn’t take much to entertain me anymore.  Not only do these girly craft nights give us time to hang out and chat, but we also end up with products of joy and Christmas spirit!

This week I’m going to share the Christmas cards we’ve been crafting with you.  I know handprints and fingerprints are often seen as kindergarten crafts, but we took a fingerprint and spruced it up a bit to make simplistic, grownup cards full of reindeer love.

For your cards, you will need:

  • brown and red ink pads
  • a fine point black Sharpie or scrapbooking felt pen
  • blank white cards and envelopes, or white cardstock to make your own cards

How to make your cards:

  • Generously soak one index finger with brown ink each time you stamp.  Press 2 brown inward-facing prints in the center of the card.  Then press 2 horizontal prints attached to the original prints.  These will be your reindeer bodies.


  • Next, press 2 overlapping, inward-facing red prints centered above your reindeer bodies to look like a red heart hovering over them.


  • Now, add your antlers, legs, tail, closed eyes, smiling mouth, and button nose to your reindeer bodies (if your ink isn’t instant-dry, you should make sure it’s dry before you complete this step!)

Your fingerprint reindeer are now ready to gallop their way into the hearts of your lucky holiday card recipients!  Enjoy!



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