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Put Down the Fork! (Just Kidding) December 17, 2013

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OK, so call me crazy, but every year my husband and I watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show together. Now I know some girls might think this is weird to watch hot girls strut down the runway in lingerie with my husband and I know some guys think this is amazingly awesome that my husband gets to watch this show and oogle the ladies and tell me who’s hot, but let me explain!

First of all, I love fashion AND a good fashion show. So anytime I’m watching girls on the runway, I’m pumped. Second, I absolutely LOVE to see these girls in their outfits. They look confident, beautiful, powerful and super gorgeous. Plus, I get to sit in my polka dot fleece pj pants with a vodka soda on my couch with my husband and scream, “Put down the fork!” at any girl I think is too skinny. OK, that last part isn’t very nice. Mostly, I like to hear his feedback… Like when I hear, “She’s too skinny!” or “I like that booty!”

This year’s show was a little bit of a disappointment, if I’m being honest. Granted, the music was good (gotta love T-Swift) but I think (and Eric agrees) that most of the girls this year were too skinny. I like to see curves, not sticks. And though the brand does a great job of bringing out the girls’ personalities with the behind the scenes and interviews and they do a great job of making them look beautiful, I was a bit disappointed.

My friends will tell you, I’m a big advocate of being and feeling sexy. Do me a favor this week, readers – take 1 night this week to sexify yourself and show it off (to music!) to your husband, boyfriend, partner, or self with the confidence it takes to walk down a runway in lingerie on national tv while people like me watch and heckle. You might be surprised (and pleased) with what your other half thinks is sexy…


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