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Wanted: Cozy Coffee Place December 18, 2013

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When I first moved, Dave and I researched some local coffee places using Yelp.  I would say neither of us are huge coffee drinkers or anything, but sometimes it’s nice to get a fancy drink.  We have our go to place near him up in the Northern Suburbs. {No I can’t tell you…it will get too popular!}We thought it would be nice to have one near me too.  The criteria were a place that was: nearby, open late, and was not Starbucks.  Dave has never cared for Starbucks and I don’t care one way or another so we don’t really go there.  It was extremely difficult to find anything that stayed opened until a decent hour.  There is a Starbucks about a block away which wasn’t very helpful and apparently there used to be a Caribou, but it was closed along with most others in Illinois (Minnesotans don’t take Caribou for granted like I did. Enjoy it!).  The night we did our search we saw a couple 4-5 star coffee places in the area.  We were so excited!  But their hours did not fit what we needed.  Our solution ended up being a Dunkin Donuts.  Although it wasn’t a cozy coffee house we were hoping for, they were open 24 hours and it wasn’t Starbucks, so it was a winner!

This weekend we had brunch at a nearby place and still wanted something else to do.  Dave reminded me about the places we found on Yelp and since it was the middle of the day we decided we should check one of them out.  We arrived at the first place only to find out that they are closed Sundays.  Ugh!  Should have checked the hours first.  Well at least we know where it is now…I opened up the Yelp app on my phone and searched for the other one.  We headed in the opposite direction over to downtown Westmont and found The Sweet and Savory Spot right away.  It’s the one with the bright pink awning.  You can’t miss it, even when it’s snow covered!

We were immediately greeted by the owner, Shane, and he explained that they serve a brunch on Sunday.  Seeing as though we already ate we told him we just wanted to order a drink.  He said they had  regular coffee or a flavored one I don’t remember the name of.  It included cinnamon and sounded like a baked good so that is what we ordered.  They made us a fresh pot and while we waited we learned that they have craft beer on tap and for sale there.  We also asked to see the menu and Dave already has his order picked out for the next time we go.  I couldn’t help noticing they have a bakery case with lots of yummy goodies as well.  I picked some up before we left and served them at my bookclub meeting last night.  Everyone gave their seal of approval!


We were glad to find this new spot.  The owners were so friendly and we were interested to hear about the place.  They told us they make everything fresh and try to be as ‘Farm to Table’ as possible.  It turns out it wasn’t the place we had researched originally, but I saw 5 stars on Yelp and got excited.  Although the coffee we had was splendid, Shane told us they don’t make any fancy drinks so I have a feeling it’s going to turn into more of a favorite for meals and beer than hot drinks.  Still we are planning a trip back to check out their menu and we can’t wait to try.  Here’s to finding new places around town and mistakes that turn out great!


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