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Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String (or Tulle, but Whatever!) December 20, 2013

Wrapping presents can be expensive, especially if you want to use substantial wrapping paper that feels thick and sturdy.  It’s so frustrating when you find a cute paper that’s on the thinner side, or are trying to save a buck and skimp on some lightweight wrapping paper that rips on you 3 times before you successfully wrap a gift.

I was inspired this year by West Elm’s simple brown and white holiday boxes for my own gift wrapping.  Honestly, I’ve always loved simple, basically frills-free wrapping.  This year I decided to wrap all of my own gifts in brown paper packages, too!  I thought that way they would look simple, yet still festive because it would really be all about the gift accessories.


My West Elm Inspiration

I bought one roll of brown paper project paper from Hobby Lobby for $4.99.  I also purchased 2 rolls of tulle, one burgundy red, one sage green, each with 20 yards or 60 feet of tulle for $4.99 each.  All told, my wrapping materials cost right around $15 total for all of my gifts and Jonathan’s gifts, 18 gifts total of all shapes and sizes.  The brown paper was thick, therefore not only sturdy and hard to tear accidentally while I was wrapping, but also more structured for a better present fit.

For my tags, I gathered a few evergreen branches from the tree on the corner and stamped a couple feet of the same brown project paper by dipping the branches in white paint to create a snowy effect.  I traced a star cookie cutter on the back of my stamped paper once it was dry, and cut out tags that Jonathan hand wrote later using a simple black fine tipped Sharpie marker (I traded him my mad wrapping skills for his beautiful handwriting to insure all of our gifts looked top-notch when wrapped and complete).

ImageImageBeing the kind of girl who gets more excited to give her presents to others than open her own, I can’t wait to present my simple-chic presents to my family and friends to joyfully tear open to reveal their gifts inside!


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