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Party Platter December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Eve to all!  I have a super quick post tonight because it’s a late night and I have to be up early for more festivities in the morning.  Have to leave time for Santa to come by too!  Around this time of year there are a lot of parties and get-togethers.  You’ll ask someone what to bring and some people tell you to bring whatever you’d like and others assign you something.  This year for Christmas Eve I was assigned a veggie tray.  Although veggies can be standard and a bit boring, I was actual excited for this because I had pinned a pin on Pinterest long ago with a clever layout for veggies and dip.

Go to the store and collect a variety of vegetables.  You could do any kind you’d like, but to duplicate my tray you’ll need:

Baby carrots
Cherry Tomatoes
Dip of some type

I also picked up a red and a green bell pepper.  These weren’t actually for eating, but rather for containers for dip!  Here are all the materials for you to see:

ingred I cut up all the veggies that needed to be cut. Even though it can be a pain to cut everything up, one bonus idea is to save all the scraps for making veggie broth.  I have more than enough now to make some.  Click on the link to see how I’ve made it in the past.  I placed the peppers in the middle (this will be easier if you choose peppers with four sides rather than three) and started with one type of vegetable and worked my way around.  I plastic wrapped the whole thing before taking it to the party.


Once I was there, I cut open the peppers, pulled out the insides and filled one with hummus and one with French onion dip.  Then you have a nice pretty veggie tray and when the dip’s all gone, people can even eat the peppers!  Try it out for your next party.  Have a Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

finished product


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