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2013 Resolution Recap January 6, 2014

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With the new year underway, it’s time I revisit my list of 28 goals from 2013 to see how I did. Let’s see, shall we?

(1)    Lose 30 Lbs.

Ok, I didn’t lose 30, but I lost 10, which is pretty exciting stuff. The most important thing is that I get myself healthy!

(2)    See an opera

Hollice and I saw La Boheme last year in January. It was glorious.

(3)    Visit Sarah in Colorado

On this one, I know it might not be fair to color it green because I didn’t do it in 2013, however, I bought my flight in 2013 (and we’re headed to Denver in February).

(4)    Train Oakley to be a therapy dog

This may never happen. Oakley is learning some helpful tricks though. She already knows if I say, “Bring me ____” what to bring me.

(5)    Visit the Wrobel’s in Madison – use our gift certificate

This… didn’t happen.

(6)    Save at least $10K

I’ll keep this one private. 🙂

(7)    Read at least 7 books this year

So close! I read 6 in completion and am in the middle of the seventh but I can’t bring myself to finish it, it’s not so great. Here’s the list of what I read:

  1. Home Front Girl
  2. Insurgent
  3. 13 Reasons Why
  4. A Kiss Before Goodbye
  5. Gone Girl
  6. The Wonder in Our Stars
  7. John Dies at the End

(8)    Play the piano at least once per week

I started playing again, but not as often as I would like. To be continued!

(9)    Do my own nails

I did very well with this. In 2012 I was getting my nails done almost every other week. In 2012 I bought the materials to do them myself and I did (Except for special events)

(10)Plant my garden (and flowerboxes)

This was done. I blogged about it too!

(11)Renew my PMP Certification

Done in February! I even got my name changed on the certificate.

(12)Attend church every other Sunday

So although I didn’t attend church as much as I should’ve, I did join a church and go on occasion. I am now a member at St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Barrington.

(13)Attend yoga every week

I started out great on this but then I hurt my wrist, so I haven’t been at all in the last 4-5 months of the year. Hopefully I can resume sometime soon!

(14)Pay off student loans

MAJOR Done. I’m really proud to say this one is off my list forever!

(15)Purchase all family members bday and xmas gifts on time and deliver them on time!

I was doing so great until the end of the year. Let’s just say three of Eric’s family members got “Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas” presents.

(16)Do what I say I am going to Do

This is vague and hard to achieve, but I achieved quite a bit in 2013, so I’ll say it was done.

(17)Travel to a place I’ve never been

I did – Fabulous Baltimore!! Granted it was for work, but I had a great time. I also blogged about this one!

(18)Begin planning for a book I want to write


(19)Be more thoughtful with friends and family – notes, gifts, phone calls

Ehhhh, if I asked my friends and family, they’d probably call this a fail. Although, I did send xmas cards this year, which is pretty thoughtful!

(20)Get Kate Dabkey Shoes up and running again –sell a pair a month

I am up and running again – katedabkeyshoes.com (check me out!) and I did sell shoes!

(21)Tile foyer in house

On the list for 2014!

(22)Update all doctors, service providers to Barrington – doctors, hair, etc.

Done! Well, except for my hair stylist, who I can’t leave because she’s been doing my hair for 10 years.

(23)Throw away a bag of old stuff every week for a year

I wouldn’t call this complete, but I did throw a lot away!

(24)Eat at Girl and the Goat and/or Modo


(25)Go to a sports event

I went to a White Sox game in April with Hollice and her husband, Kevin. Hopefully they play better this year.

(26)Earn my Bonuses at Work

A Mystery? Yes, for you, readers it is!

(27)Volunteer/Donate for ALS Foundation

In 2013, I participated in a 5K (it was snowing!) AND gambled at a fundraising gambling event. More to come in 2014!

(28)Listen more and Talk Less. Ask more Questions. Learn.

This is another fail, but a constant goal on my list. If I’m being honest, I made a joke in my speech at Hollice’s wedding about not being a big talker… and all my friends yelled, “LIES!”

Only 5 red ones – not too shabby! And what a year it was! How did you all do on your 2013 goal lists?!


2 Responses to “2013 Resolution Recap”

  1. Uncharted Says:

    You did a pretty good job, girl! And I’m so pumped that I made your list! 🙂 can’t wait to have you guys here!!!

  2. Katie Rose Says:

    I hate how finances are such a taboo thing. If you saved $10K and got bonuses at work, you should be proud to admit it! If you didn’t, I am sure you would receive encouragement from others and lord knows others are in the same boat.

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