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A look back at my 2013 Aspirations January 7, 2014

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Here is a review of how I did on my 2013 Aspirations.  You’ll notice there are a lot of links in this post and that is because I tend to post about a lot of the items on this list.  If you click on the links, it will open up a new window with the post that goes along with that goal.  Check some of them out!  Next week I’ll post my 29 aspirations for 2014.  That number just keeps getting higher and higher.  Ugh, aging!
.1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night
When I moved I cut my commute time in half.  This definitely gives me some more time to sleep.  However, I’m not very disciplined at going to bed at a prescribed time.  This is a work in progress for sure.

.2. Pack homemade lunches and eat out once every other week
I don’t eat out very often at work so I accomplished this goal as long as we only look at lunches…

.3. Compile a life list for bigger aspirations
It’s a ongoing list but it’s getting longer and longer.

.4. Visit at least two out of town friends
Took a trip to New York and met up with my cousin Brian in April
Visited Sarah & Jon with Dave in October

.5. Read at least 1 book per month and document
I read 12 books this year.  It wasn’t exactly one per month, but there were 12 overall!

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
The Acupuncture Handbook by Angela Hicks
What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
Moloka’i by Alan Brennert
The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley
Sliding Into Home by Kendra Wilkinson
The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye
Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks
Every Day by David Levithan
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling
Night Film by Marisha Pessl

.6. Try at least 1 new recipe every month
I have over 20 new recipes I tried that were documented.  I am guessing I did more, but didn’t always remember to record it.  Here are links to the ones I posted on the blog:

Shrimp Alexander
Sausage and Pepper Baked Ziti
Classy Ramen
Ghost Peep Smores
Portabella Mushroom Cap Pizza
Lazy Cake Cookies {this post is one of the most popular ones I’ve ever written!}
Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Baked Zucchini
Butternut Squash Soup/ Homemade Veggie Stock
Southwestern Chopped Salad

.7. Complete a sewing project
Not at all.

.8. Learn to play 1 piano song beautifully
Last year I bought a Sara Bareilles piano book and this year I maybe practiced twice?  Not beautiful by any means!

.9. Write and post a on the blog every week
Yes!  I take a lot of pride in this.  Also this would be easier if I would try writing ahead of time.

.10. Attend at least two new churches of a new religion
Researched a non-denominational church.  Did not attend any new churches except for weddings!

.11. Complete some type of service every month
I’m not proud of this one, but I only completed five service events.  Each one was rewarding, but I expected to do better in this category.

Jan- Girl Scout Rally
Feb- Pennies for Patients
May- MS Walk
Nov- Leaf Raking for Seniors with Global Hope
Dec- Science Fair Judge at Agricultural High School

.12. Try at least one Acupuncture Session
Did not try this yet.  I’m just a little unsure of where to go.

.13. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been before
When Dave and I visited Sarah and Jon in Denver, we went to a couple towns I hadn’t visited before. Golden, CO and Idaho Springs.

.14. Regularly practice yoga at least once per week
I started off practicing some yoga and meditation and let it go.

.15. Start a plan to buy property
I set a goal for a certain amount of savings and I am still currently on target to meet it.

.16. Go to a wine class
Not to make excuses or anything, but I’m going to!  I bought a Groupon for a wine class for four and then they stopped offering the class.  I emailed back and forth with them a couple times and was so angry about it I gave up and didn’t look into a class elsewhere.  I guess that is where stubborn gets me.  This reminds me to contact Groupon about getting a refund.  I just tried to go to their website and it doesn’t seem to exist anymore!

.17. Purchase a bicycle and ride it as much as possible
I purchased a bike in the late spring and my dad helped me put it together.  It was a bit of a pain to take it up and downstairs at the Oak Park apartment, but I did it quite a few times.  I’ll continue in the spring with this one!

.18. Send one handwritten card per week for a year
Absolutely not.  Ugh this one stresses me out.  Do I even know 52 people to send a note to?

.19. Go see a play I’ve never seen before
Dave took me to see The Book of Mormon for my birthday.  It was too funny!

.20. Work to restore my foot to the best it can be
I went for a second opinion on my foot earlier this year and found out everything is as it should be.  I have not babied this foot and been back to wearing normal shoes which feels like a big accomplishment to me.

.21. Join a local CSA and visit the farm my produce comes from
The CSA we used last year did not continue their CSA and this kinda killed my spirit.  Karla and I ended up deciding not to join a different one.

.22. Complete at least one craft per month
I did a total of 10 crafts this year.  I was so close to the goal and much closer than last year, but I was a little shy of the 12 I was after.  Here is a listing:

Valentine Glitter Jars
Glitter Chevron Canvas
Easter Centerpieces
Quote Posters
Vintage Soft Tees
Blanket Crate- Hmm just realized I never posted about this!
Ombre Bracelet
Card Catalog Look-a-like
Bathroom Art
Ugly Sweater

.23. Take a hot air balloon ride
Sadly, again the answer is no.  But I got one stop closer by going to Eyes to the Skies this summer with my cousins.  Also Dave has given me some type of gift involving a hot air balloon every year since I set this goal…

.24. Learn to use snowshoes
Another Groupon gone bad.  I bought it last year and there was never enough snow on the ground to use it.  Anyone else remember how it would snow and melt a day later?

.25. Start a regular practice of meditation
I got the DVDs and I did utilize them, I just wouldn’t call it ‘regularly’

.26. Start the new blog I’ve been planning
Plans are still there, just haven’t executed yet.

.27. Successfully renew my PHR (Professional in Human Resource) Certification
Submitted everything in the beginning of the year and got the confirmation in the Spring.  Now I am certified for another three years!  Guess it’s time to start completing education for the next renewal.

.28. Research and start education in order to receive a Real Estate license
I did do the research on this one, but I did not realize how expensive it is to take the courses necessary for this.  Coupled with the fact that I was not ready to purchase property, I decided to put this off.


5 Responses to “A look back at my 2013 Aspirations”

  1. cleew Says:

    I look forward to this post and the one containing your new list of aspirations every year! You did a great job accomplishing so many and I love how you organize and rate your success. Congrats on doing so well!

    Acupuncture is on my list of to-do’s this year so maybe we can help each other out. If you find a place to go, let me know. Sixteen and Twenty-three are also on my list of things to accomplish so i’ll keep you in mind!

    • Uncharted Says:

      I know a great chiropractor who offers acupuncture and he’s in La Grange Park – I’ve been going to him for years. Let me know if you guys want his info! -Kate

  2. attemptingtwentyfourteen Says:

    I love the book resolution! What book out of that list would you recommend?

    • Uncharted Says:

      Hi L,
      Thanks for reading! If I had to choose one book it would be Moloka’i by Alan Brennert. The main character’s story is fictional, but the background is all based on real history which I loved. Same goes for Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye, but that one was a little too gory for me. If you are looking for something light and funny I would read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? By Mindy Kaling. I am a huge fan of hers so I’m biased, but I enjoyed that one.

      I checked out your list for 2014- I with you on the travel!


      • attemptingtwentyfourteen Says:

        I am absolutely OBSESSED with Mindy! I’ve wanted to read her book but not sure if it was worth it but I will definitely pick it up now! I love the mixture of reality and fiction in books (we have very similar tastes). I love hearing about new books, if you find any more let me know, I would love to hear about them 🙂

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