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Library Time January 22, 2014

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New Reads

New Reads

One of my favorite things about living in Oak Park was the library. The village boasted three branch locations, one conveniently situated less than two blocks from my old apartment. The building was gorgeous and filled with all different types of books, magazines, video games, DVD’s, CD’s and more. The staff were always friendly and willing to assist any patron. Plus the Oak Park Library’s online system was easy to use and made picking up books and DVD’s just that more easier.

Because I was so spoiled by my last library, I put off going to my new one. Luckily my mom has been giving me all of her books to read (which is quite a lot if you know my mother) so I haven’t really had the need until recently. Last week I posted about how Matt and I are looking to get a dog and that we’re in the research phase of the adoption process. Well, I decided I couldn’t put off going to the Lombard library any more and finally went to get my new card last night.

The staff were very friendly. From the circulation desk attendant who gave me my card and a helpful brochure, to the reference librarian giving me the tour of the adult non-fiction area. Yes, the building is a little smaller than Oak Park and it’s about a five minute drive versus a one minute walk, but those are really the only differences. I was quite impressed by the selection of material in-house and the ease of use on their online system.

Scouring through the “dog” section found three books to help Matt and I learn all that we can to get ready for our dog. The books I got are “Choosing and Caring for a Shelter Dog” (seemed quite applicable), “The Adopted Dog Bible” (again applicable) and “Cesar’s Rules” (the dog whisperer as seen on Oprah). I’ll keep you posted on the reads. And thanks to the readers who posted other suggestions on dog training books. Keep them coming!


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