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Valentine Heart Boxes February 4, 2014

decorA couple years ago my sister started creating these pretty heart boxes to house the treats she made her family and friends.  After awhile she started creating them just for decoration, and now I have picked up on it too.  I wondered where she came up with the idea, so I asked her and here is what she had to say:

‘I saved my first heart shaped candy box simply because it had a really pretty design on it. There was no ugly brand name – just a beautiful two toned red floral pattern. The next year, when I needed a nice box to put homemade treats in for my boyfriend, I found a tutorial from Martha Stewart on how to make your own. Here’s a link to a similar tutorial.

Honestly though, the instructions looked too complicated. It was one of those things Martha makes look easy but no one can actually recreate as perfectly. Plus, I had just slaved over making my own truffles and I didn’t have the energy to craft my own box too! My solution: grab that pretty box I had held onto and pack it with goodies. All my problems weren’t solved though. I had more treats to give out but no other pretty boxes. That’s when I decided to recover a much less appealing heart box that I had received just a few days before with scrapbook paper. Why make one when you can just reuse old ones?

 That was about 5 years ago and every year since I’ve saved candy boxes and recovered them. They aren’t always used to dole out treats though. I perch them on their sides around my home to use as decoration. I always use paper scraps I already have on hand. Wrapping paper, for example, is a great alternative to scrapbook paper. As of this year, I have seven uniquely decorated heart shaped boxes around my apartment. You can count on there being even more next February!’

 I couldn’t agree more and I’m so glad she came up with this decoration because they are super simple to make and the cost is pretty low too.  All you need to create your own is:


Candy heart box
Pretty scrapbook paper/wrapping paper

Step 1– Use the heart box as a template. Trace the outline twice onto the scrapbook paper with your pencil.

Step 2– Cut out the heart shapes you just traced.

Step 3– Take the adhesive of your choice and apply it to the heart box.

Step 4– Line up the heart cut outs onto the top of the boxes and press down to secure them.

Step 5– Find a place to put your new Valentine décor!


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