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Colorado Fun February 24, 2014

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February – Explore

Travel to a place I’ve never been, Take a vacation, Plan camping trip for summer, Try something new

OK so I cheated a little when I made my goals list for this year – I already knew I was taking a trip to Colorado when I assigned this aspiration for February. But hey, I can cross some of these off my list! Eric and I took a vacation to visit my fellow blogger and dear friend Sarah last weekend. Eric had a milestone birthday and to celebrate, he requested we going skiing/snowboarding in Vail… which is a place I’ve never been! Vail is absolutely gorgeous and I would return in a second if I could. Though expensive, the little town is charming and wonderful, filled with delicious restaurants (Kelly Liken!!!!) and little shops. I also combatted being terrified of snowboarding down a real mountain (not like these little bunny hills we have in the midwest) and the fact that I am severely out of snowboarding shape. I’m pretty proud of myself, especially that I went back up after a pretty nasty fall on the first run.

I also learned two important lessons while on this trip… (1) I ride my snowboard “goofy,” which means my right leg is in front and (2) my husband is often right. Eric and I got in a disagreement about which way I ride while in the rental shop, Eric insisting I ride goofy and me insisting I ride with my left leg in front. The rental place listened to me and fit my bindings for riding “regular.” As soon as we got to the top of the mountain and I strapped on my board, I had the disheartening revelation that Eric was indeed right, and my bindings were the wrong way! Nevertheless, I made it down the mountain in one piece and we had a great time.

Vail, CO

We look the part!


We also had the chance to visit Garden of the gods, somewhere I vaguely remember visiting as a child with my family. We broke a couple rules climbing on the rocks, but had a great time exploring and walking around. The cool thing about Garden of the gods is that it’s free, which we appreciated.

Garden of the gods

In the end, we had a great time and we can’t thank Sarah and Jon enough for being such wonderful hosts to us while we were out there! Anyone else forget which way they ride on a snowboard?


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