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Chew-Chew and Choo-Choo February 26, 2014

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Lately it seems are dining options are included with some type of transportation theme. This weekend was no different. My friend Tom asked if Matt and I were free to grab dinner with his family on Saturday. All Tom had to say was burgers and “train restaurant” to get Matt to say yes.

We carpooled over to 2 Toots Grill at 6 p.m. Our timing was impeccable. We only waited about ten minutes before the line literally was out the door. The place was jammed packed with families. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, mom’s, dad’s you name the family member, they were there. Plus a cousin or two.

The set up of the restaurant was like an old-time dinner. Except for one very cool exception. Winding around the tables were to miniature trains that delivered your food right to your table. All the kids were mesmerized by the trains moving around the track. Even some adults, my husband included.

Food Train

Food Train

The menu was straightforward featuring burgers, hot dogs and egg salad sandwiches as their specialities for adults. Kids could enjoy much of the same in smaller portions all at reasonable prices. One item that caught my eye was hand-spun shakes. It’s pretty rare when I pass up an opportunity to enjoy a creamy vanilla milkshake, even if it’s only 20 degrees out. Of course I got the shake and paired it with a grass fed bacon cheese burger. And I ate it all because it was good.

Service all around was great. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. Many stopped to say hi to the adorable almost two-year old with us. Even despite the growing line of customers waiting for a table, we were able to enjoy our meal and not feel rushed.

All in all, I’d recommend 2 Toots Grill especially if you have kids. It’s a magical place for kids and to be part of that over a meal is pretty special.


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