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Uncharted Gift: Terrarium February 27, 2014

I don’t know about you readers, but I’ve always found it much harder to get a gift for the men in my life than the women.  Even if you don’t know a woman that well, she’ll appreciate a fun accessory or something she can pamper herself with.  But men, they’re a different story.  Most of the men in my life buy the things they need for themselves and can’t come up with many things they want that they also haven’t already bought for themselves.  When deciding what to gift Jonathan for occasions this year, I had to dig deep into my reservoir of gift-giving genius.  I’m not the kind of girl who likes giving cash or gift cards.  I feel like they’re too impersonal, especially for the love of my life.  Anything he needs right now includes mostly electronics and gadgets; I could try to accomplish these, but they’re either out of my budget or above my knowledge level (I’m a self-proclaimed near illiterate technology user, if you’ve read many of my posts you know this about me).  At first mention of a desiring a terrarium, I must admit I thought Jonathan was a little nutty.  This was a few years ago before I did some shopping soul-searching at the many amazing boutiques and garden shops in Chicago and Denver, so I didn’t really know much about them.  This wanted item sat on the back burner of my brain until I saw them again at one of the stores I lust after most in Denver, Wildflowers.  Wildflowers has anything and everything I could ever want to gift for all the females in my life.  Turns out their garden nook in the front would hit the bulls eye, making all of Jonathan’s terrarium dreams come true.

When building a terrarium, you must have a minimal knowledge of the plants that go together, what size to include in your chosen container, and how much rock, soil, and water to include.  Luckily the guys at Wildflowers are amazing, knowledgeable, and full of personality which makes building your terrarium with them a fun adventure instead of a mere purchase.  I wanted Jonathan to experience it with me as part of his gift (who doesn’t love an adventurous gift?!), so I chose to gift him a simple jar I found there that thought fit his personality and our apartment decor and placed a gift card to Wildflowers inside that read “Your Terrarium Awaits.”


The most fun part about giving someone a terrarium is that nowadays you can even put cute little “fairy garden” accessories in it that make it look like its own little utopia of nature and relaxation (believe me, there are days when if I could pull a “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” moment, implant myself on its cute little bench for a few hours and read in peace after a rough day at work, I would do it in a snap).


The terrarium building gift was much appreciated, makes a very unique and fun piece of home decor, and is relatively easy to care for!  So far, we’ve both really enjoyed having it around.  Looking for an uncharted gift idea? Try a terrarium for the guys and gals in your life!  Home or office, they’re a world of fun.

If you live in Denver, visit Wildflowers for your terrarium needs and knowledge for sure!  If you live elsewhere, here are some links to check out terrarium kits and pre-mades that you can check out online:






One Response to “Uncharted Gift: Terrarium”

  1. Thank you for sharing our site with your readers. Hope we can help people learn about this awesome terrarium building hobby. More articles and videos coming soon! Thanks!

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