Friends forging a course together through the unexpected

Love and Salt March 5, 2014

This weekend my church hosted its annual women’s retreat. Walking in, I had no idea what the day would hold in store. Last year I missed the retreat because I was helping my best-friend move. All I can say is the day wasLove and Salt Book far from disappointing. Over 65 women gathered in the Morton Arboretum for a day of laughter, tears, reflection and writing.

Writing was probably one of the last things I was thinking I would do at the retreat. Besides maybe taking a few notes but I don’t count that as “writing”. More like reminding myself of important things so I don’t forget! But local author, Amy Andrews, had other plans in store for us ladies.

Amy co-wrote Love & Salt, a spiritual friendship shared in letters with fellow author Jessica Mesman Griffith. The book is a series of letters between Amy and Jessica. It started out as each woman wrote each other one letter each day during Lent. But it didn’t stop at Lent, they continued writing and even still write to one another this day.

The art of writing a letter seems to be dwindling. All too often my mailbox is filled with junk mail and bills. How about you? Every once in a while though I’m treated to a handwritten letter from one of my dear friends and it just makes my day. The warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that someone took the time to sit down and write a letter to me leaves me feeling cherished. No matter what the content of the letter entails, from asking how I am to share exciting news or even when it’s just to send a little “love”. But what it actually does is send a whole lotta love.

So why don’t we write more letters to each other since we know the outcome is so good? My crutch is time. Carving out 10-15 minutes seems to be hard with the days distractions. Even when I’m writing my blog post, the temptation to open another time and get lost in the Internet is all to easy. Being disciplined is hard work but I’m willing to give it a try. I’ve managed pretty well with blog writing why not carry it over to letter writing.

As part of Amy’s talk she gave us time to write a letter to someone important in our lives. Immediately I knew the perfect person and I set off writing. There was so much I had to write  that when the time was up, I wasn’t done. So I took the letter home and finished it that night.

Amy inspired me to make letter writing more of a routine in my life. Is it ok in March to set a delayed aspiration for 2014? If so, my aspiration is to write at least one letter a month for one year. Maybe one day I’ll work up to Amy and Jessica’s pace of a letter a day. Better work on finding a writing buddy! For now though, I’ll stick to a manageable goal I know I can achieve.

With my first letter of March off in the mail thanks to Amy’s exercise, I better focus finishing her book Love & Salt so I can tell you all about it!


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