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Meet Porter March 12, 2014

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PorterOur family grew just a little over this past weekend. On Saturday, Matt and I adopted a 15 month old black lab, who we now call Porter, from PAWS Chicago.

PAWS has a great website that lists the majority of the dogs that they have available for adoption. There are pictures, videos and even a little history about the dog that you can read. Before we went downtown, Matt and I looked at the site one last time and made a list of dogs we wanted to meet.

We walked into PAWS not knowing at all how the whole adoption process would go. I was a little nervous (that we wouldn’t find a dog) and Matt was fine – go figure. We were immediately greeted by a friendly staff member who directed us to take a survey. The survey took about five minutes to complete and asked about our employment, house environment, references and the type of lifestyle we live. Once we had it printed we were ready to see the dogs!

A group of new volunteers met us in the dog area; all eager to help us and share their stories about the dogs. First on Matt’s list for us to meet was Porter. The volunteers took us to an enclosed area where we could interact with him. It was love at first sight.

He jumped right up on Matt, and I knew then he was the one. He didn’t bark, was constantly wagging his tail and looked up at me with the most adorable eyes I had ever seen. We still looked at the other dogs and weighed the pro’s and con’s of each dog. The volunteers also talked to us to make sure we knew what we wanted and would make the best match. Surprise, we ended up circling back to Porter.

With our decision made it was time to review his file and talk to a counselor. PAWS did a great job being completely transparent. We found out Porter was originally from an anti cruelty society in Oklahoma. Since the tornadoes struck the state in spring of 2013, there are still many animals without homes. Porter was one of those dogs and PAWS had him transported to Chicago in mid February for adoption. We also found out he is being treated for a cold and has to take daily medication for another week. Clearly, after reading his file Porter we decided he was a good fit for our family.

The counselor spent a good half hour with us going over Porter’s file again explaining the adoption process and answering all of our questions. He was very knowledgeable and clearly conveyed to us that PAWS is a resource throughout the entire dog’s life. The counselor gave us a packet of information including food, coupons, veterinary and animal hospital locations and copies of all of Porter’s files. He’s even going to follow up with us in a few days to see how the adoption is going.

We left PAWS with a great new dog and a ton of helpful information. I’m so glad we went to PAWS to adopt Porter. I would definitely recommend going to PAWS to anyone thinking about adopting a dog or cat.


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