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Sprucing up my Classroom (& a shameless plug) March 17, 2014

I’ve been meaning to share this classroom spruce-up technique with you guys for a LONG time now…this is an easy and cheap idea to add a little color and fun to a classroom, playroom, or even your outdoor porch or patio area!

I love to make my classroom feel homey.  I want my kids to feel like school is their home away from home where they can be comfortable and happy while they learn.  Adding bright colors, a theme, or fun accessories can really help make this happen.  I’ve become pretty expert at finding anything and everything I need for cheap.  You can find most things you need at dollar stores, thrift stores, or on clearance at Target and Ikea to spruce up a classroom.  The one item I’ve continued to struggle with is area rugs, though.  Sold in resale, area rugs can look drab and be odd colors; if you get them new, even at cheap places they’re expensive!  So this year I decided to keep with my yellow, grey and green theme by creating my own carpet solution.  All told a 6×8-ft. area rug became a splash of fun, comfortable color for less than $25!

I bought my indoor/outdoor grey area rug for $19.87 at Home Depot (you can see the particular rug I used here online).  Many hardware and home stores sell these kinds of thinner rugs rolled up in bins near the WAY more expensive thicker area rugs.  They mostly come in greys, blacks, and various shades of tan, but with a little color you can really spruce them up!  I went with yellow fluorescent spray paint.  Rust-oleum sells several super fun fluorescent colors, which I think can be very festive in a classroom environment and don’t feel too primary or cheesy for 4th graders.  I taped off zig-zag patterns across my carpet and went for it!  If you want yours to look a bit more professional than mine try NOT to do it on a windy day (I didn’t really have a choice…in Colorado in the middle of a blacktop school parking lot it can get quite breezy!).  At first glance you can see that the paint blew over to the other side of my tape stencil a bit.  However, with normal wear and walking on that faded pretty quickly.  The paint has faded a tad since the beginning of the school year (now it’s been 8 months though, so I’d say it’s had a good run), but I can easily re-tape and brighten up the zig-zags before next school year begins.  The beauty of these carpets is that, when they do bite the dust, I won’t be heartbroken and digging through the couch cushions to scrounge up money to buy new ones!  I kept with my color scheme and painted my wooden bookshelves an apple-green and donned some green and yellow tissue paper poofs from the ceiling (bright tissue=dollar store find).


Speaking of sprucing up my classroom…here comes the shameless plug!  We thought maybe our school would be lucky enough to add computer lab to our specials classes for next school year but alas, it looks like that’s not in the budget.  I’m prepping by begging for funding to get a few classroom iPad minis for my kiddos so they can be exposed to the technology they DESPERATELY need to explore and learn in the 21st century.  Please help us….I know it looks like we’re asking for a lot, but even $10 from all of you would help a GREAT deal toward our goal.  Think about it, you know you want to make a 4th grader’s year 🙂 Check it out and donate on Donors Choose (it’s easy and safe!).  Thanks in advance for your support, blog-o-sphere!


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  1. […] a reminder, readers, to consider donating to my classroom project that I told you about in last week’s post on Donors Choose.  My kiddos really need this technology, and we are almost 1/4 […]

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