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Things I Never Knew About Owning a Large Dog March 19, 2014

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My big dog, Porter
Photo courtsey of Redwall Photography

Porter is adjusting very well to his new home. However, he’s not the only one learning to adjust. Growing up, my family always had dogs, but they tended to be of the smaller variety, specifically miniature schnauzers. I think the largest schnauzer we ever had was about 25 pounds. Porter currently weighs about 54 pounds and is a little underweight. So I better start getting used to that weight and height difference soon!

Here’s a little top 10 list of things I didn’t know about big dogs.

1. They still think they’re lap dogs even though clearly 50+ pounds does not mean you are ok to sit on my lap.

2. They walk you or will try to dislocate your shoulder if they see a squirrel. (Don’t worry, we’re working on this and making really good progress!)

3. A fifteen month old puppy is pretty much a full grown dog.

4. Their poop is quite the dollop and definitely not the Daisy kind.

5. They are tall enough to scope out what’s for dinner on the table just by lifting their head.

6. Tail = weapon of mass destruction. Wagging of a tail may take out glass or remote or other objects on coffee tables.

7. When they jump up and stand on two legs, they are almost as tall as you.

8. They are an excellent portable full body heater in bed.

9.. Their treats are almost as big as a regular size candy bar.

10. Because of their height, you don’t have to bend down to pet your dog.

We’ll see what else I keep discovering as we move onto week 2 of having a dog.


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