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More than a Dabble of Wine April 9, 2014

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Sorry, that title is super cheesy, but I promise it will make sense soon.  This past weekend my sister and I attended a Wine Tasting class in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago held at the Tiamat House Bed & Breakfast.  The class is run by a lovely lady named TC and we found and signed up for the class through a website called Dabble.  I’ve actually been eyeing the Dabble site for some time.  I do not remember how I found it, but it’s basically a collection of classes for all the fun hobbies or knowledge you wish you had all contained in a one-time class.  They have classes on wine and other alcoholic beverages, cooking, exercise, makeup, art- the sky is the limit!  Honestly, if you have an idea for a class and a place to hold it you can apply to hold your own class.  The classes are run by the community.  Here is the description of how Dabble came about from their website:

Dabble started with a simple insight: It’s difficult to keep learning, trying and doing. Although we might consider ourselves curious, adventurous sorts, we find lots of excuses that prevent us from committing to a class (I want to brush up on my Spanish, but it’s too expensive), cultivating hobbies (I want to brew beer … where do I start?) or finding a substitute for our typical night-out routines (drinks or dinner … again).  

That’s where Dabble comes in. We make it easy to try something new or share your passion through one-time affordable classes. Explore the city around you, meet cool people and expand your horizons – because doing something today is so much better than putting life on the back burner.

When we arrived to TC’s wine class, there were two tables set up with a spread of food, a pitcher of water, an empty tub in the middle, and 2 empty wine glasses at each seat.


We tasted eight wines total and all of them were covered up while poured so we couldn’t see what wines we were drinking.  TC told us to start off by smelling the wine.  She asked us: What fruits does it smell like?  What non-food things do you smell? {sounds strange but some of the wines smelled like minerals}.  Besides smell we also went through viscosity, color, and then finally taste.  All of these things help you to decide what grapes the wine is made with, where they were grown, and even what year it was bottled!  I struggled to decide what I could smell in each wine.  Every time TC would call out an item and ask us if we smelled it, I felt like I could smell that thing! I’m guessing over time you become more confident in your taste and it would become more clear.

wine sniff

Obviously we would need more practice than one night and eight wines!  After the first round, we were poured a second glass of the same wine and then we would try the foods on the table to see how they tasted with the wine.  Bread, cheese, olives, salami, chocolate, and wasabi peas of all things.  It is interesting how these different flavors could bring out different flavors in the wine.

We had a good time socializing with other people at the class too.  There were many couples and at our table, a few ladies that have a wine club.  Some people knew a lot about wine and took notes on the class.  I think others were more like us where we were just looking to learn a little more about wine.  Overall the class did open my eyes to some new things about wine.  I will tell on myself and say that I didn’t realize that the general names for wine: Malbec, Cabernet, Shiraz {just to name a few} are the types of grapes that are used to make that wine.  It seems pretty obvious now, but I never realized it.  One thing TC said at the very beginning and it what made me feel comfortable is that people can be snobby about wine, but there is really no reason to be.  I think this is why I didn’t know this simple fact about the grapes.



I’m really glad we tried out Dabble and attended TC’s class.  I plan on checking out some other classes on there too.  Check it out when you have a minute!





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